Thursday, November 03, 2005

Snow time

Good morning, [crickets,]

Got up too early again this am.

Haven't made the coffee yet,
but thought I'd say hello :)

Well, was talking to my super-
visor yesterday. She's been
enjoying a film fest of DVD's
this past week- a mix of horror
movies & old shows. She had
quite a few Vincent Price movies,
so I recommended Laura, the
classic flick starring Gene Tierney
and Dana Andrews. Am looking
forward to her review.

This got me thinking about a
movie matinee of my own.

Oldest & I have always enjoyed
certain old movies- I could go
for a Vivien Leigh-Laurence
Olivier-Merle Oberon-Joseph
Cotten marathon right about
now. From Fire Over England
to Wuthering Heights to Lydia
to Caesar and Cleopatra.Throw
in The Divorce of Lady X-
(& some Tracy & Hepburn & Grant
for laughs,) and we're all set.

Now, if only it would snow...



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