Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Have the same problem

as Melodybleu...

I can't get this song

out of my head...

"re mi do so do mi la so-

so so mi,

so so mi,

fa re..."

It's a nice song, from a good
movie, but once you start
humming it you can't stop!

It reminds me of the time I
was just finishing up reading
'Gone With the Wind.' As I was
reading the last paragraph on
the last page, the theme from
the movie came on the radio...

I had never heard it played on
the radio before, or since.

but I thought it was a pretty
neat coincidence!


M.S.L.T. said...

in the spring, i had a song stuck in my head for DAYS...
barry manilows copacabana...i kept swaying and singing 'her name was lola...she was a showgirl...
coppaaaaaaa....copaaaa cabanaaaaaa.

rhapsody said...

a coworker & i used to sing this all the time-

'a song of love is a sad song...'

now tell me that you won't be humming that for days!


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