Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"There's no such thing

as a different subject."
.K. Chesterton-

continued Advent

reflections from

Dr. Thursday.

(with assistance from,
among others, Carolyn



Dr. Thursday said...

Thanks, Rhapsody - cool cover!

That kind of reference blows one away, doesn't it?

I still like to read Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys, and Tom Swift... and still wish there were other books like them. I mean MORE books.

(Well, I'll do what I can.)

rhapsody said...

They are very insightful postings, Dr. Thursday.

I sometimes do not understand all of the references...

but this one I definitely got!

You could do a series (or multiple series) of books easily- probably with one hand tied behind your back...

Altho- that might make typing more of a chore, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it :)


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