Wednesday, January 04, 2006

An interesting list

compiled by Carl Olson
over @
Insight Scoop. It
contains recommended

reading by some excellent
authors, including one of
my mom's faves, biographer
Joseph Pearce, (she's got

a pile of his books for me:),
& a most interesting Chest-
ertonian, Dale Ahlquist.

(Melodybleu, do you still
read a book-a-night?)

Check it out...
there's 'lockers-full'!



Melodybleu said...

OMG..I was devastated when first I became a tropicaaaal...the libraries were....ummm...thin.
Now, my local library has a whole room filled with new releases and I am ...sigh....once again catching up on my reading. I am simply hooked on cozies...and cottage mysteries...
M.C. Beaton is one of my absolute favorites..she has two series...mrs raisin and hamish macbeth...both great reads.

rhapsody said...

A lot of what I'm reading these days is on the net- have not found any fiction that interests me as most of it is too violent or sappy.

Enjoy biographies these days, when I do read- but really have to find some fiction that's interesting...

Will look into your recommendations!


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