Thursday, May 25, 2006

Have decided to

opine a bit on my own
blog for a change.

Do not particularly care
to engage in conversa-
tion with one of my
favorite blogger's regu-

And it's not like this
blogger needs my 'help'
either- a week or so ago
she handled one commen-
ter ably- this person will
not accept anyone's faith-
or should I say the Faith
that won't let her do as she
wants- as being "rational."

Now she's "rationalizing"
her "do-as-you-want-it's-
allright-with-me" position.
Literally using the word
"rational," she thinks...

I was over there recently.
I don't have the wherewith-
al on this particular evening
to speak rationally with her.
But in my opinion, just the
fact that she is over on this
particular blogger's blog is
a very good thing- the Holy
Spirit is welcome there...

& she might start listening.



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