Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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Christus Vincit...

Sounds like an
excellent policy!


Bluepaintred said...

wait... by as well as prenatal diagnosis. do they mean that they will get $ for NOT seeing a doctor during pregnacy? thats retarded, i agree on the whole abortion thing, but whats wrong with invitro? or doctor appointments

rhapsody said...

Those that are eligible are getting substantial rate reductions on their insurance, according to this article.

They do have to agree to the terms listed- & thousands of people have done so willingly.

They would have a doctor's care- by prenatal diagnosis, I believe they mean the testing that is done to determine that a baby does or does not have any physical problems while it's developing. So they would be agreeing to carry their babies, without considering an abortion if something is wrong.

If these insurance companies are adhering to the Catholic Church's teachings, then they wouldn't permit in vitro fertilization.

Here is a link on the subject.


Hope that helps answer your questions, Bluepaintred.

Thank you for your comment!

Michelle said...

My kinda policy :o)


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