Monday, March 12, 2007

In Time for St. Valentine's Day


By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

When Himself's behind his paper and
the childer sleepin' sound,
And the moon's a winkin' lantern
throwin' shadows all around,
Forsakin' fire and hearthstone, down
the Way of Dreams I start
To meet my darlin' truelove in a
corner of my heart.

His voice is like the west-wind when
it whispers low and sweet,
His words are like the poppies that be
growin' in the wheat.
I forget the bangin' shutters and the
candle's sleepy stare,
When I meet my laughin' truelove where
he's waitin' for me there.

When Himself has grown a-weary
in the cozy evening tide,
A ghost it is that follows him and
settles at his side.
I'll be so true and faithful that he'll
never know, shall he,
I go to meet the laughin' lad, the
lad he used to be! 

Originally published on this blog, with permission from Barbara Beyer Malley, on 2/13/07. 


Anonymous said...

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous said...
This is my favorite among the poems my mother wrote for adults. It had been a joy to read again her delightful verses. Thank you, rhapsody!

rhapsody said...

At 7:39 PM, rhapsody said...
I agree- Rendezvous is an
excellent poem-

Although I'm still reading it southern-style...

Guess I ought to be workin' on me brogue:)

rhapsody said...

*Note: The two comments above were originally mistakenly posted for the poem, The Leprechaun...

but were meant to be placed here:)

barbara said...

Stopping by on June 25, 2014 just to say hello and thank you again for your appreciation of "Rendezvous." Whenever I see it, it feels like a rendezvous with my precious, talented mom.
Ernestine's daughter

Ernestine's daughter said...

Now it's July 26, 2015, and I stopped by to see if C. F. Lewis was mentioned here. I found the reference on pg 74 of The Shed That Fed a Million Children by Magnus MacFarlane Barrow, a Catholic humanitarian, whose story is well worth reading.

Ernestine's daughter


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