Monday, December 07, 2015


Reindeer Trouble
By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Santa Claus, just a bit late, I believe
Was taking his usual trip, Christmas Eve,
When all of a sudden he uttered a shout
As his little red sled started lurching about.
Something had happened to startle the reindeer.
Donner, the leader, a very well-trained deer,
Had sighted a comet. (He had, on my honor . . . .)

And the comet was rapidly heading for Donner!
"Whoa!" shouted Santa--then grabbed at his cap,
But he might just as well have commanded: "Giddap!"
For Donner was dashing away in the sky,
Going so fast and so far and so high
That he very soon came to that place far away
Which angels reserve for small cherubs at play

Alarmed at the sight of the runaway sled,
Some dove into mist-banks, heels over head;
One of them happily strumming his harp,
Showed his excitement by striking a sharp!
Another so hastily fled through the blue
That he tumbled his little gold halo askew!

"Whoa, Donner, whoa!" Santa loudly repeated,
Bouncing so high he was nearly unseated!
But rolling his eyeballs and snorting aloud,
Panicky Donner just fled for a cloud,
And reaching it, tunneled it hopefully through--
Only to find that the comet had, too!
Santa, poor fellow, was wearing a frown,
For by now he was riding along upside-down.

Then Donner swerved sharply, thus righting the sled,
And tailed by the comet, went plunging ahead
'Til he presently met, looming up in his track,

A rain-swollen cloud of a thunderous black.
Towering awesomely there in the skies,

This cloud was so very enormous in size
That when it uncorked its spectacular spout,

"Glug!" said the comet--and meekly went out.

Greatly relieved, Santa straightened his cap,
Slapped at the reins, and once more cried "Giddap!"
He waved at the cherubs and winked a bright eye
As Donner turned 'round and descended the sky.

And so, just as midnight was starting to chime,
He arrived at your rooftop exactly on time!

With thanks to:
Barbara Beyer Malley
Kathie Malley-Morrison


Anonymous said...

A PERFECT poem, please post source.
Thanks &
Merry Christmas!

rhapsody said...

Thanks so much for writing, Anon!

Read Me a Rhyme, Please! compiled by ECB's daughter Barbara, is an instructional activity book for children that contains a partial selection of her mother's verse, & the easily-copied-&-colored illustrations of Leo Harrington.

It is available at Barnes & Noble, & linked on the right.

'Reindeer Trouble' is from the yet-to-be published collection of 'The Private Life of Santa Claus'...

Merry Christmas:)

Michelle said...

Awww, another lovely poem!
Its Christmas Eve here down under, its also 95dgs where i live! Church services are up this year...finally the message is getting through :o)

Wishing you and your family a splendid and safe Christmas my dear :o)

rhapsody said...

Thank you for the Christmas wishes, Michelle - & for the good news that church attendance is up!

Omigosh! Enjoy your weather & your time off:)

& a most Blessed & Merry Christmas to you & your dear "A"!

sometimes saintly nick said...

I hope Santa and his deer encounter no comets (other than the deer so-named) this Christmas Eve!

(Edited by siteowner)

rhapsody said...


Please pardon the edit - I figured you meant 'comet'...

& I certainly hope you're right!

Terry Nelson said...

Merry Christmas Rhapsody! Thanks for being such a friend.

rhapsody said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Terry!

Right back attcha! :)

ernestine's daughter said...

It's a joy to see visitors appreciating my mother's poetry. Thank you, rhapsody, for being so supportive of Ernestine's work.

Ernestine's Daughter said...

Hi Rhapsody,

I hopt you had a merry Christmas and thank you for you season's greetings. Am going in search of Sometimes Saintly's photograph.
I enjoy his commets, that is comments about my mother's poems and would like to see what he looks like.
Ernestine's Daughter

paige said...

I agree with all of you...

ECB's verse is the best:)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That’s a really cute poem! Thank you for sharing it.

Barbara Malley said...

It's great fun to see my mom's poem appearing
again and to read
the approving comments. (The
Preview cut off ends of lines
so I hope this will look
Ernestine's daughter

Barbara Malley said...

The preview tricked me! Save the tricks for Halloween.
Merry Christmas, dear Rhapsody and friends!

Barbara Malley said...

Rhapsody, I am having a huge problem with my blog. When I try to respond to a comment, my message disappears.
I've sent an SOS to manager Pat Daniel but I know she is very caught up in other projects.
Hugs `n' kisses -- Barbara

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