Sunday, January 28, 2007

The sad passing

of Common Sense...

As reported by

Justitia. (link)


Anonymous said...

I've never understood how a person can be both pro-life and pro-war. That seems to be an inherent conflict. I don't understand "A culture of life, plus bombs."

This is another line that kind of threw me: "We will achieve these goals, not through government action, but by tapping into our innate goodness as a society and working together." In a democracy, isn't government how we work together?

Maybe I'm just too jaded and cynical these days. I'm all for a real culture of life, but these days when a politician mentions God, my first thought is, "He's up to something."

Anonymous said...

That comment came out a lot crankier than I meant for it to be, and to top it off I put it under the wrong post.

Sorry about both of that.

In my head, it sounded more goofy than cranky. It looks a lot more dogmatic in print.

rhapsody said...

Hi Thomas,

From what I understand, he is anti-war, but wants to help the people of Iraq stand on their own two feet.

Remember, the Pope was against soldiers going into Iraq also - it happened anyway. It will be a great day when they all can come home. Jesus told us there would be wars & rumors of wars - this is how it has been throughout all of history. In an ideal world, talking would/should be enough to settle any conflict. This is (most unfortunately) not a perfect world. Between misunderstandings, misinterpretations, & man's outright inhumanity to man, it most likely never will be. It could be - God gave us the abilities to work things out, but how many people use their gifts for the right things?

& if we don't start defending life at its most defenseless & humble beginnings, & continually allow the brutal ritual of sacrificing our babies to the god of convenience, well - that will be one way to avoid war, as mankind will simply peter out. Too many people no longer believe in family & see babies as a gift from God anymore. Our culture has encouraged this destructive thinking - & for God's sake, we have to do our best to reverse this mindset.


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