Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank you to whoever translated
this blog into (what I believe is)...

Greek. =)

Originally posted 9/16/09 =)

Best wishes and many blessings...

to Dawn Eden!

Catholic convert, prolife champion, and
blogger extraordinaire since 2002. She's
also the author of:

The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding Fulfillment
While Keeping Your Clothes On,

(this edition, one of which is a happy addition
to my library shelf)...

and is also available in a Spanish language
- both permanently linked on the right-
hand side under "Books", for your convenience.

Dawn has discontinued her blog,
The Dawn Patrol, after seven years of blogging,
much of which not only detailed her conversion to
Catholicism from Judaism, and her work in the
world of rock journalism, but chronicled her
intensively concentrated pro-life work and exposes
of the pro-abortion agenda. Also quite amazing,
was the conversion of her pro-life ally and some-
times-poster The Raving Atheist, to
The Raving Theist, thanks be to God!

My thanks too, to Dawn for stopping by and
commenting here - and for being one of the first
to link to my blog, (and for keeping it linked, too!)

Dawn's blog will remain linked here as well; her
contribution to the pro-life cause has been ex-
tensive, and her work has been used as a ref-
erence many times over the years.

God bless you, Dawn, in your continued service
to our dear Lord Jesus.



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