Friday, November 13, 2009

From Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera

While Floating High Above.

Happy Birthday Monsieur Gerard!

Gerard Butler, aka the Phantom, that is! =)

Screencap from


An extraordinary offering from EWTN:

Available from their Audio Library:

The Quest for Shakespeare, with Joseph Pearce. (link)

If you haven't caught the program on tv, here's your
chance to listen in.

Originally posted: 4/22/09

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Am waiting on

How Christ Sent Twenty-three
Surprised Converts to Replant
His Vineyard

just released from Ignatius Press...

Can't wait!

(Shhh! One's a Christmas present=)

Congratulations to PhatCatholic!

and his new bride!

There's a beautiful video (with
great music!), posted from their
wedding day, too...

Best wishes always and
God bless you both!


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