Thursday, September 17, 2015

Solomon's Travels

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Solomon Solomon lived in
a house
Whose little red roof had a leak;
Its dusty old shutters were gusty with mutters,
Its gate had a shivery squeak.

No stranger or friend ever entered his door,
Which suited old Solomon, quite;
Alone (but not lonely) he did one thing only,
He read to himself day and night.

One evening, it chanced as he sat in his bed,
Propped up in his quilt with a tale,
A rumble and mumble and ominous grumble
Announced an incredible gale!
It loosened the shutters, it toppled the gate,
It hoisted the trees from the lawn!
It swooped like a giant, rip-roaring, defiant,
And scattered things hither and yon!

But Solomon Solomon chuckled and crowed
And read to himself with delight,
So he failed to perceive when his chimney took leave
And his roof sailed away like a kite!

Nor did he observe when the wind picked him up
Where he rested so cozy and warm,
And blew him, unheeding (still placidly reading!),
Aloft on the wings of the storm!

Above his abode the good gentleman rode
Unconscious of tremors and jars;
In nightcap and tassel, past cottage and castle,
He happily headed for Mars!

The crowd was excited, the blue jays affrighted,
As Solomon (reading) flew by;
And the eagles and hawks with imperious squawks
Disputed his right to the sky!

The Milky Way curdled as over he hurdled!
Astronomers, finding his range,
In awe and surprise opened scholarly eyes
At the sight of a comet so strange!

But just about day, when the wind died away,
He started a sudden descent!
Without worry or care he tobogganed the air,
Turning a page as he went.

Yes, head over heels Mr. Solomon fell,
And contrary heels over head,
Until with a flip he concluded his trip,
Somersaulting right back into bed!

Then yawning and stretching, he murmured: "Ho-hum!
What a stay-at-home body I be!"
And closing his book with a faraway look,
"I wish I could travel!" said he.

With thanks to

Ernestine's daughter,

Barbara Beyer Malley,


permission to post:)


ernestine's daughter said...

Good morning, Rhapsody!

How very delightful to find one of Ernestine's most hilarious poems on your blog! I feel both pleased and honored that you have been posting my mother's work/play so regularly. Soloman's Travels originally appeared in Child Life, decades ago. I have high hopes that he will reappear sometime in this new year in a book called Awesome Adventures (sub-titled For Readers 2 to 102). Will let you know when I next hear from my publisher.

Merle said...

Hello Rhapsody ~~ I really enjoyed that poem - very funny one.
Thank you so much for your sympathy and prayers on the loss of Sandra.
That is so nice of you. I am sorry you are having trouble posting also.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

What a great poem!

bubblegum casting said...

that poetry is beautiful

Alaksns said...

Nicely managed.Keep up the good work.


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