Wednesday, August 06, 2014

From Poetry with a Purpose


by Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Long ago, and far below the
sea's gigantic gale,
Meranda lived~ a mermaid with
a most becoming tail.
Her face was sweet and merry, and

her voice, enchanting, very,
As it mingled, light and airy, with

the ocean's somber scale.

King Neptune heard and was so stirred,
he called his wizards three.
"I want to keep Meranda's song! It

must not die!" said he.
"Come, wizard and magician! Show
your skill and your ambition.
And grant the wish I'm wishin'! Catch
this lovely song for me!"

The wisest of the wizards did not have
to ponder long.
Said he with verve, "A shell will serve

to hold Meranda's song!"
His brothers cried, "Be quiet! You're a
fool! You can't deny it!"
But the king replied, "Let's try it! This

will prove him right or wrong!"

Meranda, then, began again her
captivating art.

She held a shell and sang to it while
Neptune stood apart.
She charmed the king completely with
the tune she trilled so sweetly--
And the shell retained it neatly in its
iridescent heart.

Go find a shell and listen well and
tell me what you hear.
Though wave and wind have dimmed and
thinned that singing, once so clear.
Through walls of pink and yellow you
will hear the ocean's cello...
And a murmur, soft and mellow, will
whisper in your ear.

*Meranda is from Poetry with a Purpose
compiled by Barbara Beyer Malley.
& a special
thanks to Michelle the Mermaid
from Justitia, for playing the part of Meranda:)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Solomon's Travels

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Solomon Solomon lived in
a house
Whose little red roof had a leak;
Its dusty old shutters were gusty with mutters,
Its gate had a shivery squeak.

No stranger or friend ever entered his door,
Which suited old Solomon, quite;
Alone (but not lonely) he did one thing only,
He read to himself day and night.

One evening, it chanced as he sat in his bed,
Propped up in his quilt with a tale,
A rumble and mumble and ominous grumble
Announced an incredible gale!
It loosened the shutters, it toppled the gate,
It hoisted the trees from the lawn!
It swooped like a giant, rip-roaring, defiant,
And scattered things hither and yon!

But Solomon Solomon chuckled and crowed
And read to himself with delight,
So he failed to perceive when his chimney took leave
And his roof sailed away like a kite!

Nor did he observe when the wind picked him up
Where he rested so cozy and warm,
And blew him, unheeding (still placidly reading!),
Aloft on the wings of the storm!

Above his abode the good gentleman rode
Unconscious of tremors and jars;
In nightcap and tassel, past cottage and castle,
He happily headed for Mars!

The crowd was excited, the blue jays affrighted,
As Solomon (reading) flew by;
And the eagles and hawks with imperious squawks
Disputed his right to the sky!

The Milky Way curdled as over he hurdled!
Astronomers, finding his range,
In awe and surprise opened scholarly eyes
At the sight of a comet so strange!

But just about day, when the wind died away,
He started a sudden descent!
Without worry or care he tobogganed the air,
Turning a page as he went.

Yes, head over heels Mr. Solomon fell,
And contrary heels over head,
Until with a flip he concluded his trip,
Somersaulting right back into bed!

Then yawning and stretching, he murmured: "Ho-hum!
What a stay-at-home body I be!"
And closing his book with a faraway look,
"I wish I could travel!" said he.

With thanks to

Ernestine's daughter,

Barbara Beyer Malley,


permission to post:)

A Little Known Treasure

I found out about in time for Valentine's Day =)

The book Happy Animal Families,
by Ernestine Cobern Beyer.

Thanks as always to Ernestine's daughter Barbara Beyer Malley from Tears and Laughter at 90, for the info.

If you click on the link to Amazon, check out the customer images - they're two ever-so-slightly different covers... Originally posted 2/8/12

Sunday, December 22, 2013

An Interview with Joseph Pearce

via Ink Desk.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


...going to have to remember to update soon!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hi Thomas

Thank you so much for changing your settings but I still can't comment on your website. But I'm glad to have the link! God bless you † rhapsody

Friday, November 22, 2013

YouTube - Joseph Pearce's Conversion, clip 1

Thanks to theRochester Chesterton Society,

& an excellent tip from Peter,

who commented over @

The Blog of the American Chesterton Society.

Originally published 11/9/07.

YouTube - Joseph Pearce's Conversion - clip 2

Many thanks to the
Rochester Chesterton Society,

for their excellent work:-)

Originally published 11/9/07.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Just want to say...

Hi Thomas! I stopped by your site - I think it's Tumblr? I don't have that, so I couldn't post. But I did want to say hi to you because I'm hardly ever on over here - although I should remember to update periodically. Anyway, hope all is well with you! =) rhapsody


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