Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Magical Broom

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

It was Halloween night when I noticed my broom
With which I had lately been sweeping my room.
Seeing it move, I remarked with surprise:
"I cannot and will not believe my own eyes!
A broom doesn't move from its place by the shelf!
A broom is a broom!" I declared to myself.

Yet it struck me as strange when I noticed, my dears,
That the broomstick was growing a couple of ears;
And I have to admit that I turned rather pale
When all of a sudden it sprouted a tail.
Said I to myself: "I am dreaming, of course!
A broom doesn't turn itself into a horse!"

Refusing to look at the broom any more,
I hurried away, and I opened the door.
But there I was stopped by a queer little sound.
I paused with a shiver, and glancing around,
I lectured myself in my sensible way:
"You're hearing things, silly! A broom doesn't neigh!"

Little I knew! 'Twas uncanny, of course,
But the broom had become a complete little horse!
He pawed at the carpet and whinnied at me:
"Hop up!" he invited, as plain as could be.

So I climbed on his back as he wanted me to,
Then out of the window he happily flew!
Feeling as if I had saddled a breeze,
I clung to his mane as he hurdled the trees.
Gracefully rising, he headed for Mars,
And the street that he galloped was cobbled with stars!
Now suddenly witches appeared in the night
And followed behind like the tail of a kite.
Uttering horrible cackles and croaks,
They swooped all around in their fluttering cloaks.
Heavens to Betsy! A spooky parade—
But somehow or other, I wasn't afraid!

As my broom and I traveled that shimmering land,
The Man in the Moon waved a glimmering hand
And cheerfully hailed me, inviting me, please,
To stop for a bite of delicious green cheese;
But before I could answer a yes or a no,
We were sliding the sky to the valley below.

I was back in my own little cottage again.
I looked at my broom very sternly, and then
Said I: "I have never been out of this room!
It couldn't have happened! A broom is a broom!
And untangling a cloud from its bristles—-once more,
I stood it aslant in its place by the door.

Friday, October 09, 2015


Luke the Duke

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Luke was a ghost who had been
a grand duke
In satin knee-britches and powdered
Now a ghost, as you know, is supposed
to be scary,But Luke was a phantom both timid and wary.
In fact, he knew well he was woefully
He hadn't the ghost of a talent for
Sighing, he thought: "I'm a shame and
To every respectable ghost in the place!"

So to boost his morale, he began then
and there,
To hunt for some promising mortal to scare.

Well, floating along in his usual way,
Whom should he meet but young Donald O'Shay?
Luke studied the lad and decided that Don
Was an excellent prospect for practicing on.
By all ghostly rules, as he certainly knew,
He should mutter at once a lugubrious "Boo-oo!"
But would you believe it, before he could do it,
A funny thing happened—-young Don beat him
to it!"Boo, you old ghost!" shouted Donny O'Shay.
"You don't scare me a bit. Now get out of my way!"
Recoiling from Donald in terror complete,
Nervous old Luke nearly leapt from his sheet.

Instead of depriving his victim of breath,

And properly scaring him nearly to death,
The lad turned the tables (some feat to contrive!)
And frightened the timorous phantom alive!Home hurried Donald—-a hero, gadzook,
While dressed in knee-britches and powdered peruke,
Went lively old Luke, once again a grand duke.

Thank you again to

Barbara Beyer Malley.


Originally posted 10/13/07 =)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Solomon's Travels

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Solomon Solomon lived in
a house
Whose little red roof had a leak;
Its dusty old shutters were gusty with mutters,
Its gate had a shivery squeak.

No stranger or friend ever entered his door,
Which suited old Solomon, quite;
Alone (but not lonely) he did one thing only,
He read to himself day and night.

One evening, it chanced as he sat in his bed,
Propped up in his quilt with a tale,
A rumble and mumble and ominous grumble
Announced an incredible gale!
It loosened the shutters, it toppled the gate,
It hoisted the trees from the lawn!
It swooped like a giant, rip-roaring, defiant,
And scattered things hither and yon!

But Solomon Solomon chuckled and crowed
And read to himself with delight,
So he failed to perceive when his chimney took leave
And his roof sailed away like a kite!

Nor did he observe when the wind picked him up
Where he rested so cozy and warm,
And blew him, unheeding (still placidly reading!),
Aloft on the wings of the storm!

Above his abode the good gentleman rode
Unconscious of tremors and jars;
In nightcap and tassel, past cottage and castle,
He happily headed for Mars!

The crowd was excited, the blue jays affrighted,
As Solomon (reading) flew by;
And the eagles and hawks with imperious squawks
Disputed his right to the sky!

The Milky Way curdled as over he hurdled!
Astronomers, finding his range,
In awe and surprise opened scholarly eyes
At the sight of a comet so strange!

But just about day, when the wind died away,
He started a sudden descent!
Without worry or care he tobogganed the air,
Turning a page as he went.

Yes, head over heels Mr. Solomon fell,
And contrary heels over head,
Until with a flip he concluded his trip,
Somersaulting right back into bed!

Then yawning and stretching, he murmured: "Ho-hum!
What a stay-at-home body I be!"
And closing his book with a faraway look,
"I wish I could travel!" said he.

With thanks to

Ernestine's daughter,

Barbara Beyer Malley,


permission to post:)

Monday, March 30, 2015

A *Quote and a Poem

"Any scene...can be more clearly and freshly
seen when it is seen upside down."
G.K. Chesterton

Which brings to mind...

The Remedy


Ernestine Cobern Beyer

A certain king of great renown
Saw everybody upside down.
It much disturbed him day and night,
So topsy-turvy was his sight.

To try to cure the good king's eyes
There came a doctor old and wise
Who dosed the king with horrid brews,
And poured red pepper in his shoes.

These things the patient king endured,
But when the doctor cried, "You're cured!"
His Highness blinked and glumly said:
"Sir! Must you stand upon your head?"

Came other clever doctors, then,
Distinguished and important men.
"The Cold Cure is the very thing!"
Said they, "Let's try it on the king!"

They promptly wrapped him in a sheet
With lumps of ice at head and feet.
Although it was a famous one,
This cure was very little fun.

"You're healed!" they cried. "Without
a doubt,
Your sickness has been frozen out!"
But they were wrong- for all that froze
Was just the royal nose and toes.

Well, being men of great resource,
They tried the Hot Cure next, of course.
But though they baked him toe to brow,
His sole response to this was "OW!"

Then came a wizard, tall of hat,
Who cured the king as quick as that!
He simply turned him upside down
And stood His Highness on his crown.

"Hooray!" The king's relief was vast.
"You all look right side up, at last!"

* Quote from the St. Austin Review,
May/June 2008.

Post first published on this blog on 8/26/08.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Little Known Treasure

I found out about in time for Valentine's Day =)

The book Happy Animal Families,
by Ernestine Cobern Beyer.

Thanks as always to Ernestine's daughter Barbara Beyer Malley from Tears and Laughter at 90, for the info.

If you click on the link to Amazon, check out the customer images - they're two ever-so-slightly different covers... Originally posted 2/8/12

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hi Thomas

Thank you so much for changing your settings but I still can't comment on your website. But I'm glad to have the link! God bless you † rhapsody

An Interview with Joseph Pearce

via Ink Desk.

YouTube - Joseph Pearce's Conversion, clip 1

Thanks to theRochester Chesterton Society,

& an excellent tip from Peter,

who commented over @

The Blog of the American Chesterton Society.

Originally published 11/9/07.

YouTube - Joseph Pearce's Conversion - clip 2

Many thanks to the
Rochester Chesterton Society,

for their excellent work:-)

Originally published 11/9/07.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Just want to say...

Hi Thomas! I stopped by your site - I think it's Tumblr? I don't have that, so I couldn't post. But I did want to say hi to you because I'm hardly ever on over here - although I should remember to update periodically. Anyway, hope all is well with you! =) rhapsody


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