Saturday, March 03, 2007

From: Read Me a Rhyme, Please!

The Mule's Shadow

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Long ago it came to pass,
A Roman far from home,
Decided he would hire a mule
To carry him to Rome.

The sun was hot. The man grew tired,
And soon he thought it best.
To slide down from the mule he'd hired
And take a noonday rest.

Dismounting from his weary mule,
He sat within its shade-
The pleasant shadow, small but cool,
Which this poor creature made.

The owner of the donkey cried:
"Arise this instant, Sire!
You only hired my donkey's hide-
His shadow's not for hire!"

The other said: "Tut, tut, you fool!
Be off! Be off with you!
I hired the shadow and the mule;
You can't divide the two!"

Well, while they wrangled, yea and nay,
With loud emphatic rhythm,
The little donkey ran away
And took his shadow with 'im!

From:Read Me a Rhyme, Please! (link)

by Barbara Beyer Malley
Verses by ECB
Illustrations by Leo Harrington

Available at Barnes and Noble.


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