Monday, March 12, 2007

Ernestine Cobern Beyer's

Rupert Revere and the Flashlight
                               A flashlight, my friend, was the cause of it all.
                                        It belonged to one Rupert Revere—

                           That swaggering buster whose penchant for bluster                      
                                     Was known in the town, far and near.

One night, with his flashlight held tight in his hand,
He was walking with Charlie Carew,
When his tongue started wagging with boasting and bragging,
As only old Rupert's could do.

"The beam of my flashlight is mightily strong,"
He remarked to his buddy with pride.

"I bet I could clamber its beamstalk of amber
Clear up to the moon, if I tried!"
"I dare you to do it!" cried Charlie Carew;
"Sure, a powerful flashlight is that,
But I'm doubting, old timer, you're able to climb `er
As far as the top of my hat!"

"Hold the flashlight, my friend," Rupert promptly replied.
Then (remarkable though this may seem),

Revere, very solemn, grasped firmly its column,
And started to
climb up the beam!

Yes, hand over hand, like a sailor he went,
Full of courage, ambition, and hope,
And quick as you please, with the greatest of ease,

He shinnied that shimmering rope.
No doubt he'd have reached either Venus or Mars,

Little knowing for sure which was which,
                    But Carew got excited and over-affrighted . . .And foggily
turned off the switch!
What happened to Rupert, the brassy, the bold?
Well, it wasn't a matter for mirth.
His coattails unraveled as downward he traveled,
Heading head-first for the earth!

His end might have been quite unpleasant, no doubt,
But a happy surprise was in store,
For he landed, ka-phoom, in his very own room
And awoke seeing stars on the floor.

Not one to give up was old Rupert Revere,
Although dazed by the bump on his head.
Still filled with ambition, he made it his mission
To clamber right back into bed.

Originally published on this blog on 5/26/08


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhapsody--I just had the pleasure of reading Ernestine's poem, Rupert Revere. I loved the way you used the color yellow to create the flashlight beam. A very clever and artistic touch.
You can probably guess who's commenting. I came home starved but had to put off lunch to see the poem.

rhapsody said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for taking the time to stop by- & for commenting:)

It's always a pleasure to post your mom's poems- & happily she wrote oodles of them! Love your children's books of her work, & am looking forward to the ones you are currently working on, as well.

Thank you again for writing- & enjoy your meal:)


Anonymous said...

I wish I knew a child to read this to. It's fun to read as an adult, but it would be twice as enjoyable to share it.

rhapsody said...

Hi Thomas,

Do you have any programs at the local elementary schools, library, or Barnes and Noble where you can volunteer to read to kids? Maybe you could call & find out...


(Let me know:)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Rhapsody. Another friend has written re her idea for Barnes & Noble, that they suggest Read Me a Rhyme, Please be displayed in local elementary schools book fairs. She thinks this could be going on all over the country. What a press agent she is!
Thank you, Thomas, for your kind words about my mom's poems.

folken said...

Amazing, the poem is very interesting, and it really made me read from top to bottom. I'm going to search more for all the author's work.

Unknown said...

Remarkably creative!


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