Friday, March 23, 2007

From Poetry with a Purpose


by Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Long ago, and far below the
sea's gigantic gale,
Meranda lived~ a mermaid with
a most becoming tail.
Her face was sweet and merry, and

her voice, enchanting, very,
As it mingled, light and airy, with

the ocean's somber scale.

King Neptune heard and was so stirred,

he called his wizards three.
"I want to keep Meranda's song!

It must not die!" said he.
"Come, wizard and magician!

Show your skill and your ambition.
And grant the wish I'm wishin'!

Catch this lovely song for me!"

The wisest of the wizards did not have

to ponder long.
Said he with verve, "A shell will serve

to hold Meranda's song!"
His brothers cried, "Be quiet! You're a
You can't deny it!"
But the king replied, "Let's try it! This

will prove him right or wrong!"

Meranda, then, began again her
captivating art.

She held a shell and sang to it while
Neptune stood apart.
She charmed the king completely with
the tune she trilled so sweetly--
And the shell retained it neatly in its
iridescent heart.

Go find a shell and listen well and
tell me what you hear.
Though wave and wind have dimmed and
thinned that singing, once so clear.

Through walls of pink and yellow you will
hear the ocean's cello...
And a murmur, soft and mellow, will

whisper in your ear.

*Meranda is from Poetry with a Purpose
compiled by Barbara Beyer Malley.
& a special
thanks to Michelle the Mermaid
from Justitia, for playing the part of Meranda:)


Blessed said...

Delightful blog!

rhapsody said...

Thank you both!

I was thrilled when Barbara Beyer Malley gave me permission to post some of her mother's poetry. She commented on a posting where I had mentioned that my favorite poem was The Laughing Willow. Ms. Malley has already published a children's activity book of her mom's work- Poetry with a Purpose- another is due out later this year- Read Me a Rhyme, Please...

Thanks again for commenting!

God bless you!

Michelle said...

How very very beautiful :o)
You have a charming blog with some wonderful links :o)

rhapsody said...

Thanks Michelle- you did a great job in the role of Meranda :)

& there's always room for one more wonderful link!

Michelle said...

Heh! I loved it thanks for having me! You know it really is very beautiful, and The Willow one, is also very beautiful.

rhapsody said...

Hi Michelle,

I posted this from my archives- I love ECB's poetry!

& I do thank you again for playing the part of 'Meranda'- you're a natural~


Barbara Malley said...

Hi Rhapsody,
Thanks for the comment on my blog's Beyond the Pearly Gates. I made an effort to respond in verse but desperately needed my mom's help. Then somehow I lost what I'd composed and desperately needed my son Tim's help. He says, "Don't ask me, I know nothing about the blogging business."

Barbara Malley said...

Hello again, dear Rhapsody.
Enjoyed your e-mail message, am having a dip here with Mom's Meranda before this balmy weather starts turning cool.

Barbara Malley said...

Here I am again, noting that your color format, green on black, is just what I need for my failing eyesight. Tim has done a bit of his whiz kid magic, so I feel encouraged enough to keep blogging.


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