Thursday, March 01, 2007

More springtime poetry

from Ernestine Cobern Beyer-
with many thanks to her
Barbara Beyer Malley.

Easter Parade

Doff, my soul, your sober dress,
Heart, wear your fairest frills.
He must have loved all loveliness
Who dressed the daffodils!

In My Garden

Pausing on my lawn, I glimpse a bird,
And in its singing, Lord, I hear Thy Word.
Nearby, I see a lilac bush in bloom,
And feel thy presence in its faint perfume.
And when I see thy smile, my spirit thrills --
Though what I look upon is daffodils.


As in a small reflecting-glass
The sun's rays fiercely focus,
So Spring is captured in the grass
By one important crocus.


Unknown said...

Considering this winter has not been terribly bad, for some reason I am looking forward to Spring more than any recent year that I can remember.

These poems give me hope that Spring will soon be here and that when it comes it will stick around! (Days with high temperatures of 60F on day and 34F the next are not what I call Spring!)

rhapsody said...

I'm with you Nick!

March is supposed to go out like a lamb - I'm thinking April showers are going to be cold as well...

Anonymous said...

Just be thankful Rhapsody isn't posting "A Desperate Ode to Snow."
Not that we are yet safe from that possibility! Fingers crossed!!Ernestine's daughter

Ernestine's daughter said...

I'm learning! After this I won't mess around with Anonymous--as you have to do with my blog--I'll come right out with my identity, of which I am very proud.
Ernestine's daughter

rhapsody said...

Oooo..."A Desperate Ode to Snow"

I HOPE we're in the clear! =D

And thank you for the forecast, Ernestine's daughter. <333

barbara said...

The upcoming month reminds me of James Russell Lowell's poem, "What Is So Rare as a Day in June." You've heard of purple prose. This is purple poetry. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.
Ernestine's daughter.


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