Friday, March 09, 2007

The Leprechaun

*By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

I met a little leprechaun.
He gasped and quavered: "Ooo!
I'm seeing things! Be off! Be gone!
There's no such thing as you!

"You can't be real, you ugly thing,
So I'm not scared," he said,
"Though you have neither tail nor wing,
Nor horns upon your head!"

I looked at him, then ran, my dear,
As would, I think, have you,
'Cause people sometimes disappear
When leprechauns say: "Boo!"

*From the wonderful book of

poetry for children,
Read Me a Rhyme, Please! 

And with many, many thanks to

Ernestine's daughter, Barbara
Beyer Malley, for permission to
post:) *K*s


Unknown said...

Oh! Wonderful! I love leprechauns! But I’d never want to frighten one of the little fellows; they can be rather retributive, do ya know—and they had very long memories.

Anonymous said...

How I enjoyed Sometimes Saintly comment! And Rhapsody, I love the way you add charming embellishments to Mom's poems. She would be so thrilled to have found her way to your heart--as am I!
Love and a big hug,
Ernestine's daughter

Unknown said...

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barbara said...

It made me very happy when I just discovered your comment on my Aloft series. Am also delighted to see my mom's poems published again in the month that inspired her. Thank you, dear friend!

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