Wednesday, May 31, 2006

If you want a good laugh...

read today's entry
Chesterton and Friends
on the Chesterton-Shaw

I have a soft spot in my
heart (or is it my head?)
for curmudgeons. It looks
like Mr. George Bernard
Shaw might easily fall into
that category- (or at least
under my understanding
of that word's definition).

I didn't link to the specific
post, as there may be more
to come later today-

So stay tuned:)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Geez, I hope I wasn't...


The first two entries...

over at
Chesterton and Friends,
don't disappoint!

It's a very nice way
to honor the big guy-
& the team over there
writes very well...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Today is also...

G. K. Chesterton's
132nd birthday-

Eric Scheske reports that
Chesterton and Friends
will be posting a "literary
calendar" between today
and June 14th- the day
Chesterton died in 1936.

The topics look pretty

interesting... (link)

Today we remember...

those who gave their
lives for our country.

Could it be...?

Found a pic of a puppy
that bears an uncanny
resemblance to the pooch
on a mug I recently
purchased... (link)

Except for maybe those

incredibly blue eyes! (link:)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I've always liked

Erma Bombeck-

Thomas from
Your Ever Well-Wisher
posted a very interesting

article about her on his,
thankfully, very

large print blog:)

Chestertonian Dawn Eden

has provided some
wonderful links to the
gentleman who first
recommended GKC to
her years ago...

On the one site, scroll
down for the article on
Chesterton. Directly below
is another good article on
Dickens, who is coincident-
ally the subject of this year's
annual Chesterton conference.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another charming story...

an amazing
"Wizard's tale"...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Have decided to

opine a bit on my own
blog for a change.

Do not particularly care
to engage in conversa-
tion with one of my
favorite blogger's regu-

And it's not like this
blogger needs my 'help'
either- a week or so ago
she handled one commen-
ter ably- this person will
not accept anyone's faith-
or should I say the Faith
that won't let her do as she
wants- as being "rational."

Now she's "rationalizing"
her "do-as-you-want-it's-
allright-with-me" position.
Literally using the word
"rational," she thinks...

I was over there recently.
I don't have the wherewith-
al on this particular evening
to speak rationally with her.
But in my opinion, just the
fact that she is over on this
particular blogger's blog is
a very good thing- the Holy
Spirit is welcome there...

& she might start listening.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006




(shhh... "Angel @ Rest")

by Tadlello

(Let's try not to wake her:)

Do you think that maybe

"Clock Day"...

messed her all up?

A request...

for a moment of
your time- please
check this
to a link...

Thank you!

Some good reads...

The always-(very)
interesting Terry from
Rome-ing Catholics,
his work blog through
The Leaflet Missal Company,
also has his own blog,
Abbey-Roads, which is now
linked to the right & a must-
read for me.

Dawn, the mighty word
warrior(ess:), alternately
posts heartbreaking stories,
miraculous occurrences,
and stuff that raises your
blood pressure (*sigh-
she'll probably be blessed
with a rant from me today)

& Eric Scheske posted this,
again, raising my blood

Thankfully, I did remember
this a.m.- to renew my mem-
bership to this place...

(Click on the heart:)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Must be some kind of record...

Two in one month!

(Great job:)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Lectio continuum

Terry writes of
revealed truth in
the Gospel, and how
it applies to the con-
tinued persecution of
Christ and His Church.

A must-read review

of a gotta-see movie.

Mr. Bingley reports
on Flight 93 over at
The Coalition of
the Swilling,
provides a link to
what he saw in
NYC that day.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Happy Birthday! ! !

Baby Brother:)

For your birthday,
I thought a trip to
Hawaii might be


I'll let you know
when I get back.


Click on the little
pix in the corner-

I've started adding
links that go to differ-
ent places of interest,
per posting...

& have a great b'day!!!

Love, Your Sister:)

Eric Scheske

gets to the point
regarding TDVC...

The Review I've Been
Waiting For...

The Daily Eudemon.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

God's laws

don't seem to concern
some people, so I'm
not always surprised
when man's laws are

Dawn Eden from
The Dawn Patrol
continues to inform
us of tax-supported
Planned Parenthood's
poor choices...

Which leads me to

Why does this organi-
zation, whose ultimate
goals will 'a-parently'
put them out of business,
get tax $$$ in the first

Friday, May 19, 2006

Two bad!

Regarding the book
& movie...

Hollywood, the leader

of the "they're-so-smart-
they're-stupid" crowd,
has hopefully learned its
lesson, the moral of which


You just don't diss God and
the TRUE Bride of Christ,
the Catholic Church...

Learn from the guffaws
that the movie has met
with- & DON'T FORGET to
apologize to the Lord and
His faithful servants, the
ones you felt so free to


from 1993,

& Dr. Thursday...

Night Watcher

2x + 1 =

'totally' new additions at
Chesterton and Friends:)

Eric and Joe have added
more writers to their team,
so we can look forward to
posting on a daily basis.

A really good blog just
got better!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


More excellent commentary
from Terry Nelson...


There really is a war
going on out there!

& unfortunately, he's right...

Chequin' on Chiquita

She's looking pretty good
after having been last

year's dessert!

Over at

The tropics and other stuff:)

via Eric Scheske @

The Daily Eudemon,
one of my daily reads.

However, this is a recom-

mendation that you take a
look-see at one of his ads...
the one for the
Catholic Men's Quarterly

&, should you decide that
you're interested in a sub-
scription, please tell them
that Eric sent you.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Quote from youngest...

"Gee, I wonder if Paula
liked it"...

He was imo every bit as
good as the 'boss'!

But I've got a ?
Does Taylor strongly
resemble Elvis, or do
my glasses need

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gene Stratton-Porter

Dear Email Friend,

Enjoy the tale of 'Ter-

ence Maxwell O'More'
& his darlin' Angel:)

From what I remember
from high school, after
reading a bit about her
life, Gene Stratton-Porter
based the character of
the 'Bird Woman' on her-
self. 'A Girl of the Limber-
lost' was the sequel to
'Freckles,' although after
Gene died in a car accident,
I believe in 1921, her

daughter Jeannette wrote,
'Freckles Comes Home.'

I had actually read FCH

before its prequels- the
character of Freckles had
an entirely different per-
sonality in this last book-
he was bitter and nasty-
and although it was an

interesting tale, it was a
bit disjointed from the
other two stories.

There is, or was, a
Timber Company from what
I understand- and a site that
has been dedicated to Gene
Stratton-Porter, which I will
try to link to...

Please let me know when
you're done with the story!

(click on the heart:)

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Wisdom

in humbling oneself
to obey Christ...

be it of 'popular' thought
or not!

Read, "How does that

concern you?"


Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Love Thee, Madame!

A lovely work depict-
ing one of our Lady's
appearances to Saint
Bernadette at Lourdes.

One of the
magnificent works
by silhouette artist
Dan Paulos, available
at Trinity Stores.

For those of you who
stop by regularly, if my
postings seem familiar
to you, it's because I will
occasionally repost the
wonderful works of
others that serve as re-
minders of Christ's love
for us. This is basically
what this blog is all about-
I pray for His sake that
those that stop by, if they
don't give thanks to God
and pray regularly, will
do so.

Thank you for reading
this far:)

God bless you!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Answer to an atheist friend...

It was Father Benedict
Groeshel who had said

that even if you don't
believe that God exists,
don't hesitate to pray
to Him if you need to.


Pier One

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