Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gene Stratton-Porter

Dear Email Friend,

Enjoy the tale of 'Ter-

ence Maxwell O'More'
& his darlin' Angel:)

From what I remember
from high school, after
reading a bit about her
life, Gene Stratton-Porter
based the character of
the 'Bird Woman' on her-
self. 'A Girl of the Limber-
lost' was the sequel to
'Freckles,' although after
Gene died in a car accident,
I believe in 1921, her

daughter Jeannette wrote,
'Freckles Comes Home.'

I had actually read FCH

before its prequels- the
character of Freckles had
an entirely different per-
sonality in this last book-
he was bitter and nasty-
and although it was an

interesting tale, it was a
bit disjointed from the
other two stories.

There is, or was, a
Timber Company from what
I understand- and a site that
has been dedicated to Gene
Stratton-Porter, which I will
try to link to...

Please let me know when
you're done with the story!

(click on the heart:)


Marco Aurélio said...

What are fractals? Do you know where can I find pictures of fractals that occur in nature?
Can you understand portuguese?

See you later!

rhapsody said...

Go to the blog 'GKC's Favourite' that is linked to the right...

Ask Dr. Thursday... he might be able to help you.

rhapsody said...


Good luck:)

Dr. Thursday said...

There are no fractals in nature. There are no integrals in nature. There are no circles, no lines, no planes, no parabolas in nature. There are no square roots or cube roots in nature. There are no imaginary numbers in nature.

Actually there are in nature no numbers of any kind. Numbers and all related to them are in the human mind.

Otherwise, as a friend of mine pointed out, rivers are intelligent, for when one flows into the other, it adds its water... so perhaps one might ask a river for more detail... hee hee. (Yes, that means computers don't add either, which is a secret I was not supposed to reveal, and so I will now be drummed out of the computer science club...)

The things some people call "fractals" (like tree branches or snowflakes) are not fractals. They are vague or rough suggestions of recursion, which is a very different thing.

Next you want to know what recursion is. When you see a person on TV, standing beside a TV screen which shows the same thing that you are seeing... that's recursion. (everybody sing: "that's recursion"! Hee hee.)

I hope this helps.

rhapsody said...

Thank you so much for your explanation, Dr. Thursday- I had never heard the term before...

Hope this helps you, Marco. Thanks to you, too, for stopping by and adding such an interesting word to my vocabulary!


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