Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Quote from youngest...

"Gee, I wonder if Paula
liked it"...

He was imo every bit as
good as the 'boss'!

But I've got a ?
Does Taylor strongly
resemble Elvis, or do
my glasses need


Anonymous said...

We congratulate you, you fill a hollow space in today's society with this delightful website. Ms. Beyer is joy on a rainy day.

rhapsody said...

Thank you very much, anon!

Her daughter, Barbara Beyer Malley, has been most generous in allowing me to post her mother's wonderful poetry.

Ms. Malley will have a children's book out later this year- Read Me a Rhyme, Please- that will feature her mother's work...

And is a treasure for her growing number of fans to look forward to!


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