Friday, March 09, 2007

The Magical Hat

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Patrick was hunting, one Halloween day,
Through a trunkful of treasures long hidden away,
When much to the pleasure and profit of Pat,
He came on a wonderful magical hat.

Well, quite as if this were his usual habit,
He put in his hand, and he drew out a rabbit.
Pleased, but not thrilled into shivers and chills,
Pat muttered: "That trick is as old as the hills!"

Then thoughtfully scratching his smart little head,
"I think I will pull out some people!" he said.
And he did! From that hat so imposing and tall,
He pulled out a lady in bonnet and shawl.
A dignified man and his neighbor came next,
And one or two more whose expressions were vexed.
"I," said the lady, "was having a nap!"
"And I," said a man, "was at dinner, young chap!
"I," sniffed the neighbor, "was feeding my cats!"
"We hate," they all cried, "to be pulled out of hats!"

With this, looking ever so grumpy and glum,
They jumped in the hat out of which they had come,
And--pffftt!--they all vanished! "Now, that," approved
"Is what I would call a remarkable hat trick!"


Anonymous said...

That's a neat poem! I passed it on to my sister, who works as a teacher's aid, and she is going to pass it along to her elementary school students.

rhapsody said...


Thanks Thomas! I think it's going to be included in an upcoming (hopefully) activity book for children...

It will include illustrations by Leo Harrington, who also worked on Read Me a Rhyme, Please! Barbara Malley is currently working on at least two more books of her mom's verse...

Thanks again for letting me know:)

Anonymous said...

Nice poem! It's difficult to Spanish readers to come across enjoyable pieces of work. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

My sister reports that the poem was especially popular with one little boy- named Patrick. :o)

rhapsody said...

That is too neat... I'm glad little Patrick liked it:)

Thanks for passing it along, Thomas- & thanks to your sister, too!

Barbara said...

My mother would be so pleased to know adults and children are still enjoying her poems.

I expect to include a chapter about Ernestine in the book I'm writing, using xcerpts from my blog, Tears and Laughter at 90. When I Google that title, an abundance of information comes up, but maybe this wouldn't happpen in states other than Massachusetts.
Thanks so much for your unfailing loyalty to me and to Ernestine.

rhapsody said...

Love your blog, Barbara - it's permanently linked on the blog list to the right, btw...

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad I finally figured out how to do that on your blog, too! =)

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