Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Magical Broom

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

It was Halloween night when I noticed my broom
With which I had lately been sweeping my room.
Seeing it move, I remarked with surprise:
"I cannot and will not believe my own eyes!
A broom doesn't move from its place by the shelf!
A broom is a broom!" I declared to myself.

Yet it struck me as strange when I noticed, my dears,
That the broomstick was growing a couple of ears;
And I have to admit that I turned rather pale
When all of a sudden it sprouted a tail.
Said I to myself: "I am dreaming, of course!
A broom doesn't turn itself into a horse!"

Refusing to look at the broom any more,
I hurried away, and I opened the door.
But there I was stopped by a queer little sound.
I paused with a shiver, and glancing around,
I lectured myself in my sensible way:
"You're hearing things, silly! A broom doesn't neigh!"

Little I knew! 'Twas uncanny, of course,
But the broom had become a complete little horse!
He pawed at the carpet and whinnied at me:
"Hop up!" he invited, as plain as could be.

So I climbed on his back as he wanted me to,
Then out of the window he happily flew!
Feeling as if I had saddled a breeze,
I clung to his mane as he hurdled the trees.
Gracefully rising, he headed for Mars,
And the street that he galloped was cobbled with stars!
Now suddenly witches appeared in the night
And followed behind like the tail of a kite.
Uttering horrible cackles and croaks,
They swooped all around in their fluttering cloaks.
Heavens to Betsy! A spooky parade—
But somehow or other, I wasn't afraid!

As my broom and I traveled that shimmering land,
The Man in the Moon waved a glimmering hand
And cheerfully hailed me, inviting me, please,
To stop for a bite of delicious green cheese;
But before I could answer a yes or a no,
We were sliding the sky to the valley below.

I was back in my own little cottage again.
I looked at my broom very sternly, and then
Said I: "I have never been out of this room!
It couldn't have happened! A broom is a broom!
And untangling a cloud from its bristles—-once more,
I stood it aslant in its place by the door.


Anonymous said...

I liked the poem. :0)

My mom got a catalog in the mail and I thought of you. They have a lot of religious icons, mostly in the traditional Russian style, but not exclusively. Their website is

I think you'll like it.

rhapsody said...

Hi Thomas!

Glad you like the poem:)

& thank you for being so thoughtful- I'm going to show my mom this site too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas and Rhhapsody! So glad to see Mom's Halloween poems posted here. They are on my blog, too.
Ernestine would be happy to know her verses continue captivating readers, young and older.

Her proud daughter, Barbara


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