Friday, March 09, 2007


Luke the Duke

By Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Luke was a ghost who had been
a grand duke
In satin knee-britches and powdered
Now a ghost, as you know, is supposed
to be scary,But Luke was a phantom both timid and wary.
In fact, he knew well he was woefully
He hadn't the ghost of a talent for
Sighing, he thought: "I'm a shame and
To every respectable ghost in the place!"

So to boost his morale, he began then
and there,
To hunt for some promising mortal to scare.

Well, floating along in his usual way,
Whom should he meet but young Donald O'Shay?
Luke studied the lad and decided that Don
Was an excellent prospect for practicing on.
By all ghostly rules, as he certainly knew,
He should mutter at once a lugubrious "Boo-oo!"
But would you believe it, before he could do it,
A funny thing happened—-young Don beat him
to it!"Boo, you old ghost!" shouted Donny O'Shay.
"You don't scare me a bit. Now get out of my way!"
Recoiling from Donald in terror complete,
Nervous old Luke nearly leapt from his sheet.

Instead of depriving his victim of breath,

And properly scaring him nearly to death,
The lad turned the tables (some feat to contrive!)
And frightened the timorous phantom alive!Home hurried Donald—-a hero, gadzook,
While dressed in knee-britches and powdered peruke,
Went lively old Luke, once again a grand duke.

Thank you again to

Barbara Beyer Malley.


Originally posted 10/13/07 =)


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm prejudiced, but I think "Luke the Duke" is hilarious
and certainly timely. Thank you, Rhapsody, for posting my mom's Halloween poem.

rhapsody said...

Hi Barbara,

& thank you so much for sharing it!


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE these poems by Ernestine Cobern Beyer, what a gift she is!

rhapsody said...

Hi anon!

Thank you so much for commenting- I will pass your message along to her family:)

& I agree- her poetry is enchanting! She sang with Caruso, then gave it up to raise her family, turning to writing which she did for a good part of the past century- receiving an award from the White House in the early seventies...

I call her the Norman Rockwell of American verse:)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


Anonymous said...

We have not seen the book to which you refer but Ms. Beyer’s whimsical poetry stands on its own merits. Her poems sparkle so vividly that adding illustrations would be an unnecessary and superfluous exercise. Please keep sharing these breaths of fresh air.


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