Friday, September 30, 2005

It was 50 years ago


Rest in Peace, Mr. Dean.

When you look at

a mirror, what colors do you

How is it that we can distin-
quish between the accurate
colors & its silveriness, both
at the same time?

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

1 o' mom's faves

Madonna of the Streets

(Hee hee!)

Read Part :)


Part :) :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Surprise email!

Received a very surprise
(& most welcome!)
email from Dale Ahlquist,
president of the
American Chesterton Society
and host of GK Chesterton:
The Apostle of Common Sense
that airs on EWTN Sunday nights.

Sent an email to the editor of
Gilbert Magazine, Sean Dailey,
and got two replies in return...


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Got my Gilbert

Got the latest issue of
Gilbert Magazine this
past week. A subscription
is included with a one-year
membership to the
American Chesterton Society.

This blog's favorite blogger,
Nancy Brown, will be a contri-
buting columnist in future

I've said it before, & I'll say
it again...


Friday, September 23, 2005


My blog has lapsed into
Everything switched to
Spanish, and I don't know
how. And I don't know
Spanish, either. I can
only guess at what the
instructions are behind
the scenes...
I have to go to work.
This is too funny.

Anyone know how to
reset the language?

Am not sure the spelling
is right, but

Thursday, September 22, 2005

(6x4) 4 Chesterton's friends

Eric from Chesterton and Friends
has a link to 24 on-line books
by GKC that can be downloaded
for free, including Orthodoxy, by
way of The Inn at the End of the

See you there...

Thanks [crickets]!

My counter is over
500 hits!
Thank you to my very
dear regulars, & hi/bye
to those who have happened
by over the past couple of

God bless you all, [crickets]!

Who's who?

Growing up, our dad told
us this riddle, which I didn't
understand even after he
gave us the answer.

A man sits in a jail cell.
He is visited by another man.
After the visitor leaves, the
guard asks him who his visitor
The prisoner answers:
"Brothers and sisters
I have none.
But that man's father
Is my father's son."
Who was the visitor?

Ok, I understand the answer

But back then, I just didn't get it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Happy 10,000+

Nancy Brown is celebrating
10,000 plus hits to her blog
Flying Stars.
If I were on a deserted island,
& could pick only one blog to
link to, it would be her's.
Wife, mom, homeschooler,
scientist, journalist, author,
& Chestertonian to boot- she
is all of these, as well as being
a happy, faithful Catholic!!!

Yeah, she'd get me off of
that stinkin' island!

God bless you & all
that you do, Mrs. Brown!

Monday, September 19, 2005

% of 180's

Have you ever had a
conversation with someone
who you knew did not
believe in God? And as
they speak you start to
tremble with the realization
that their soul is in jeopardy?
What do you say?
Do you tell them you'll pray
for them?
Do you suggest that they go
to church to pray themselves?
Do you ever ask them, should
the subject of God come up,
how their lives are better
without Him?
Have you had success
conveying the message
that He grieves for every
potentially lost soul, which
may spend its immortal life
elsewhere from Him?
Separated forever from Him
Who crafted us each uniquely
and specifically to love & be loved
by Him?!!!

He Who eventually

Have you managed to
help alleviate His pain
by gently encouraging a
lost soul to return to Him?

I don't know if I have,
[crickets], but I do keep

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Found it!

See, this is why I'm
not a detective.

I just found it!!!
Okay, next I add sound!

Site of sadness

Nancy Brown from
Flying Stars posted an
article about an
existing memorial to

Read: What kind of country
do we live in?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

circa 1977

The Acknowledgment

In a time of great trial,
I reached through the air,
'Where are You? I know that
You are everywhere!'

Stillness answered the cry;
Then- Your Presence was heeded!
As You quickened my soul
With the calmness it needed...

Like Your care for the sparrows,
And hairs on a head-
Was the acknowledgment that
You had heard what I said.


Fitting tribute

Nightfly has posted a
not-so-glowing review
of the proposed memorials
for Flight 93...

Read: It's never time to go
all wobbly

Mr. Bingley & some of his
commenters had a few words
to say, too.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Pick a number...

...any number.
Double it.
Add ten.
Divide by two.
Subtract the number
that you started with.

Is the answer five?

Any brilliant math-
maticians that can
explain why this
always works?
Mrs. Brown?
Dr. T?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lamb of God


This blog's favorite
has posted another original
piece over at GKC's Favourite.
And also mentioned he's
writing a book.

God bless you & all of
your wonderful work,
Doctor Thursday :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

stinkin' @ linkin'...

Am not linking properly,
so zapped two posts into
oblivion while attempting
to make adjustments.

note to self: quit blogging
on the run.

Pardon, [crickets].

Sunday, September 11, 2005

via Chesterton and Friends

A good article posted at:

It's a relief to read a
fitting response to the
response of the victims
for a change.

Thanks to Eric for posting
the article.

Please remember

Father Frank Pavone from
Priests for Life will be on
EWTN all week.

The Holy Mass is broadcast
daily on EWTN.
It's available in most areas,
but I have noticed that some
places would rather offer
umpteen prime cable channels
and let EWTN timeshare or
whatever the deal is, with other
Cable has been available in one
area since the mid-seventies, but
EWTN just can't have it's own

Oh yeah, I've called.
I made my request politely-
And I cancelled the umpteen
channels while I was at it!

Going to light some candles
Will remember you, too,



& thankfulness are always
eloquently expressed over
at GKC's Favourite.

Doctor Thursday often reminds
us, through the text of God's
written Word, the many works of
GK Chesterton, and some of his
own poetry and art, about the
crucial importance of prayer in
our lives.

It's an Rx we can renew &
refill anytime...

Ora et labora
(pray and work)


'kay, let's see if I can do
this without having one...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Holy orders

Purchased a couple of

holy water fonts recently

from the Sisters of Carmel

(link at right)

One was a gift for a friend, a

former Lutheran who recently

joined the Catholic Church, and

the other was for my mom, who

has always loved the Holy Family.

My husband happened to over-

hear me place the order, and

innocently asked me afterward

if I was contemplating joining

an order where I might

possibly have to take a vow

of silence...

That's me on the right...

(yeah, right!!! :)

:) HB2U :)

Happy Birthday to Mary,
The Virgin Mother of God!
(and may I add- Thank you
for saying, "Yes" to our Father,
and for all the times you have
helped me in my life-including
helping me to stop smoking- you
have ALWAYS pointed the way to
your Son!)
Madonna and Child art print
by Bernardino Luini
(prints available at
link right.)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I KNOW they're God's children, too...

but the far left gives me
the creeps!
The former first double-x
chromosomed occupant in
DC was on the news this am,
making the claim of speaking
for ALL of us.
Not me, dear.
Liberals are far too shy. Why
don't they just declare the
recent disaster the result of
the first tranz-gendor hurricane?
Then they can rename it after
our current leader and blame him
Oh wait, they already are.

(Want to say thank you to
Dan Paden & welcome to his
readers from
No Blog of Significance :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Saw this in a Christian
" 'It's not the destination,
it's the journey' that counts."

[crickets], I'm having a
"Kipling" moment here...
I don't get it, & I kind of
want to... fix it or

I do understand about the
journey counting-
but what's that stuff
about the destination?
Is it saying that it doesn't
matter where we're going,
but how we get there?

That doesn't make sense,

Monday, September 05, 2005

Time out

Found out that choir practice
starts this Thursday night,
with a late dinner following
Have to skip it this year.
Thursday night my husband
and I are attending a dinner
honoring state employees
who have been there for
thirty years.
We are going to have a blast!
And it is coming at just the
right time, as the part-time
job he held and expected to
have when he retires from the
state job in a few years just
ended. He found out a few weeks
ago that the policy was changing,
and decided to give it up.
He really liked his second job,
and the income helped. Although
this isn't what he had in mind,
he made the best decision under
the circumstances.

He has cared for developmentally
disabled adults for thirty years.
His second job was delivering meds
to nursing homes during the evening
hours- sometimes during blizzards,
or through rain-soaked roadways...

We always skipped these parties before-
But not this year...
It's time for some fun!

And it's Labor Day, too!

We are back home in time
for school- oldest started last
week, and youngest starts
tomorrow. Thank goodness-
last year for some reason
school began before Labor
Day, making it a longer than
usual year for the kids.
Celebrated many birthdays
this past week, (including
GALA's:) Shortly after, it
was our folks' turn.
Our parents were born
in the same year, my dad in NYC,
an only child; my mom four days
later in a farmhouse in Michigan,
one of nine :) Dad always had
running water and indoor plumbing,
mom didn't...LOL!!! Dad attended
Bronx HS of Science and the Poly-
technic Institute of Brooklyn,
mom went to a one room schoolhouse
from K-8th. She taught school for
a while there after graduating from
Michigan Normal, (now Eastern Michigan)
We noted the Bumstead's anniversary,
roughly the same as their ages:)
Happy birthday, too, to mom's oldest
sister. My mother was born the day
before her sister's fifth birthday.
And, in a few days, my parents'
anniversary, and a cousin's b'day,
him being born on their third

Bless them and all Your
children, Lord, (and help
me to keep track of them)
Thank You!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

?'s for my [crickets]

Okay, [crickets]... please help
me to understand.
Can they rebuild in the same
place? Could or should they
rebuild elsewhere? If they have
to, for some reason, rebuild in
the same location, can the land
be built up first?

I don't understand how a city
can be built, or rebuilt, on sewage.
The pumps are all broken- I guess
they want to repair or replace them.

Maybe people who are unable to
help themselves should be registered
for assistance in the event of such
emergencies, and the National Guard
move in to help them evacuate before
the storms hit.

Of course, nature can obliterate any-
And no one can control the weather.

Anybody have any ideas how we can
better plan for future problems?

God bless them all.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Buried vs. wasted talent

Saw a movie years ago, that
one critic had called beautiful
photographically, but otherwise
I thought the words were harsh,
but found them to be, unfortunately,
quite accurate, as man's inhumanity
to man was starkly depicted.
It made me wonder, why would
anyone with the resources to
create a thing of beauty, choose
ugliness instead?
Followed a link at a blog recently,
which led to someone's effort to
mock, apparently, another person's
belief. If I were a teacher and this
were a project handed in to me,
it would get an A+ for form and
an F for content.
What exactly is the purpose of
using a God-given gift for such
reasons? Better you should
bury your talent, which is suppose
to be used to give glory to God,
not make a mockery of Him or those
who do their best to follow and to
serve Him.
Have seen this before over the years.
It is such a sinful waste of time. Life
is going to lob us enough difficulties
to deal with along the way- why do
some people feel compelled to add
to them?
Of course, it's usually good people
who are at the receiving end of such
sinful pastimes, as mockers generally
know which mockees will slap them
silly, and which ones won't. And as
tempting as it might be to mock our
mockers, we should keep in mind the
example of strength that our Master
showed us when He said, "Father,
forgive them, for they know not
what they do."


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