Friday, September 02, 2005

Buried vs. wasted talent

Saw a movie years ago, that
one critic had called beautiful
photographically, but otherwise
I thought the words were harsh,
but found them to be, unfortunately,
quite accurate, as man's inhumanity
to man was starkly depicted.
It made me wonder, why would
anyone with the resources to
create a thing of beauty, choose
ugliness instead?
Followed a link at a blog recently,
which led to someone's effort to
mock, apparently, another person's
belief. If I were a teacher and this
were a project handed in to me,
it would get an A+ for form and
an F for content.
What exactly is the purpose of
using a God-given gift for such
reasons? Better you should
bury your talent, which is suppose
to be used to give glory to God,
not make a mockery of Him or those
who do their best to follow and to
serve Him.
Have seen this before over the years.
It is such a sinful waste of time. Life
is going to lob us enough difficulties
to deal with along the way- why do
some people feel compelled to add
to them?
Of course, it's usually good people
who are at the receiving end of such
sinful pastimes, as mockers generally
know which mockees will slap them
silly, and which ones won't. And as
tempting as it might be to mock our
mockers, we should keep in mind the
example of strength that our Master
showed us when He said, "Father,
forgive them, for they know not
what they do."


Joe said...

"It made me wonder, why would anyone with the resources to create a thing of beauty, choose ugliness instead?"

There are many theatrical depictions of the sins of humanity that help us to learn. The Passion of the Christ for example. I'm not sure to what kind of movies you refer.

Anonymous said...

The movie I was referring to is a work of fiction, where family members betray each other- in particular, mother against daughter.
It was visually beautiful- if I recall correctly some of it took place in New Orleans... but the characters were vicious to the members of their own family.
My point is, what's the point? Writers and Hollywood have the resources to create works of beauty, but instead many times choose to depict depravity, as graphically as possible, and at times as... comical.
Movies depicting Christ's life are historical fact, not works of fiction. The way He was treated is the greatest example of how we should NOT treat each other.
And what set me off in this direction was something I viewed at a blog that was very creative and well-done artistically... but basically an unnecessary dig at someone else's expense- meant to be funny, but in very bad taste. Again, what's the point? It just seems like such a waste of talent, that could and should instead be used to give glory to God.



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