Monday, September 19, 2005

% of 180's

Have you ever had a
conversation with someone
who you knew did not
believe in God? And as
they speak you start to
tremble with the realization
that their soul is in jeopardy?
What do you say?
Do you tell them you'll pray
for them?
Do you suggest that they go
to church to pray themselves?
Do you ever ask them, should
the subject of God come up,
how their lives are better
without Him?
Have you had success
conveying the message
that He grieves for every
potentially lost soul, which
may spend its immortal life
elsewhere from Him?
Separated forever from Him
Who crafted us each uniquely
and specifically to love & be loved
by Him?!!!

He Who eventually

Have you managed to
help alleviate His pain
by gently encouraging a
lost soul to return to Him?

I don't know if I have,
[crickets], but I do keep


Dan Paden said...

Oh, I've had enough conversations with people who don't believe in God. Frankly, I've never argued one of them into the Kingdom. I have had several people pray with me to receive Christ, but those people started off by believing in God.

How to proceed with the atheist? An excellent question. I say, first, with loving intent; and second, plant a seed. One of my favorite tactics is something I learned from the writings of Francis Schaeffer: he called it "taking the roof off." The idea is to bring out, in conversation, the logical consequences of a person's beliefs, in this case, atheism. What has to be true in the atheistic worldview? I know you've seen me address this subject more than once. One of the reasons I do so is so people will be prepared if they have such a conversation.

When a person is confronted with the real consequences of their worldview and becomes aware that it does not "work," sometimes they will, by the working of God's Holy Spirit, become open to the Gospel.

Anonymous said...
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rhapsody said...

Mr. Paden,
Good points...
I have never successfully convinced a non-believer in God's existence- but am willing to keep trying.


Anonymous said...

I kind of just pray on the spot for them.

Pretty much daily, I pray for all souls to believe in Jesus. This may sound simplistic or unrealistic, but it is what I do.

rhapsody said...

It's not unrealistic at all!
As Mr. Paden pointed out, we should start with loving intent.
We are concerned for the person who is on the wrong path, and concerned for the Lord who agonizes over His children who have decided to ignore and disregard Him entirely.
Keep praying, anon, as it is never too late for any soul to turn to Him!
I believe it was Thomas Aquinas who said that many return to Christ later in life, when they no longer can fly by the seat of their pants, so to speak. Although it may be better for a soul to make the decision to follow Him earlier in their lifetime, before their sins cause consequences that they will eventually deeply regret, better late than never.
Praying year in & year out for the same people with no change in sight can be discouraging.
But knowing for thirty-three years when, how and why You were going to die-
This is why we must continue to

Keep praying!


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