Monday, September 05, 2005

Time out

Found out that choir practice
starts this Thursday night,
with a late dinner following
Have to skip it this year.
Thursday night my husband
and I are attending a dinner
honoring state employees
who have been there for
thirty years.
We are going to have a blast!
And it is coming at just the
right time, as the part-time
job he held and expected to
have when he retires from the
state job in a few years just
ended. He found out a few weeks
ago that the policy was changing,
and decided to give it up.
He really liked his second job,
and the income helped. Although
this isn't what he had in mind,
he made the best decision under
the circumstances.

He has cared for developmentally
disabled adults for thirty years.
His second job was delivering meds
to nursing homes during the evening
hours- sometimes during blizzards,
or through rain-soaked roadways...

We always skipped these parties before-
But not this year...
It's time for some fun!


Nancy C. Brown said...

Wow, he must be special to work with developmentally disabled all these years; patient and caring. What a great time to celebrate, congrats!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mrs. Brown,
On one of our first dates we met at the movies. By the time I got there he had already arrived in a van with a bunch of his guys. On the way in he carefully led one man with very poor eyesight-
That was almost twenty-five years ago...



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