Friday, September 16, 2005

Pick a number...

...any number.
Double it.
Add ten.
Divide by two.
Subtract the number
that you started with.

Is the answer five?

Any brilliant math-
maticians that can
explain why this
always works?
Mrs. Brown?
Dr. T?


Dan Paden said...

Easy--ten, divided by two, minus the original number you added the ten to, is always going to equal five. In other words, starting with your original number, doubling it, then dividing it by two, is just a distraction. It's really just dividing ten by two,which is always going to yield five.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Paden,
I never would have figured it out...
But I wondered if the answer could be doubled, so instead of adding ten I tried twenty-
Now the answer is always ten.
And now I know why :)



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