Sunday, September 11, 2005


& thankfulness are always
eloquently expressed over
at GKC's Favourite.

Doctor Thursday often reminds
us, through the text of God's
written Word, the many works of
GK Chesterton, and some of his
own poetry and art, about the
crucial importance of prayer in
our lives.

It's an Rx we can renew &
refill anytime...

Ora et labora
(pray and work)


Dr. Thursday said...

Thanks, dear Rhapsody, for mentioning my scrawlings. It is just as GKC says: whatever is worth doing, is worth doing badly.

And despite the difficulties we all have in our lives, we ought to be grateful for all the wonderful gifts we have. and we should remind each other of this. It is the whole point of the Eucharist!

"It is truly right and just, proper and helpful towards salvation, always and everywhere to give You thanks, almighty and ever-living God..."

rhapsody said...

LOL!!! Dr. T...
I do like that quote, but it doesn't apply here!
All your work is so well done- your artwork rivals some of my favorites, and as far as I'm concerned, no one can touch your poetry!
Plus the fact that you clearly honor & give thanks to God with the gifts He has given you-
And the reminder of His extraordinary gift to us available every day in the Eucharist.
We do have much to be grateful for-

Thanks, Dr. T,


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