Saturday, May 17, 2008

A prayer for Senator Ted Kennedy

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph -

I love you -

Save souls!

An Amazon review

I wrote (& rewrote!) is up for a new
book of poetry:

Divining Divinity, By Joseph Pearce,

and illustrated by

Jef Murray, whose work can be seen
at his site,
Mystical Realms.

Omigoodness, I can't believe how
many times I edited it (add a word
here, a comma there - sheesh! writing
isn't easy!)...

Well, poor writing skills aside, I
wanted to like this book, and
indeed. It is what I expected in
its subject and to some degree, in
its substance, although at times
the pictures it evokes are startling -
especially since one can tell the
person behind the pen is writing
from the vantage point of God's

Very well done, Gentlemen!

America's Most Wanted

airs its

1,000th capture tonight,
@ 9:00pm ET,

on Fox.

Saw this




信念 意味相信什麼是難以置信的, 或這是沒有賢良根本。
希望 意味希望事是絕望的, 或這是沒有賢良根本。並且
慈善 意味pardoning 什麼是不可寬恕的, 或這是沒有賢良根本。
~ GK Chesterton, 異端者

The Chesterton quote at the bottom of this page,
in Taiwanese:)

Many thanks to the person who translated this blog!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Recently added a

playlist like the one
I found at the hilarious blog

June Cleaver After A Six-Pack,

which I found thanks to Terry
Nelson from:



Up Your Street.

They're free and have a great
selection of music to choose from.
I've got everything from sappy to
Oh no!...


My new signature

over at

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is a Pro-life bumper sticker

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Leaflet Missal Company.


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