Monday, September 05, 2005

And it's Labor Day, too!

We are back home in time
for school- oldest started last
week, and youngest starts
tomorrow. Thank goodness-
last year for some reason
school began before Labor
Day, making it a longer than
usual year for the kids.
Celebrated many birthdays
this past week, (including
GALA's:) Shortly after, it
was our folks' turn.
Our parents were born
in the same year, my dad in NYC,
an only child; my mom four days
later in a farmhouse in Michigan,
one of nine :) Dad always had
running water and indoor plumbing,
mom didn't...LOL!!! Dad attended
Bronx HS of Science and the Poly-
technic Institute of Brooklyn,
mom went to a one room schoolhouse
from K-8th. She taught school for
a while there after graduating from
Michigan Normal, (now Eastern Michigan)
We noted the Bumstead's anniversary,
roughly the same as their ages:)
Happy birthday, too, to mom's oldest
sister. My mother was born the day
before her sister's fifth birthday.
And, in a few days, my parents'
anniversary, and a cousin's b'day,
him being born on their third

Bless them and all Your
children, Lord, (and help
me to keep track of them)
Thank You!



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