Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Thanks to Barbara Beyer Malley

A Desperate Ode to Snow

Bees and buds and birds inspire
Arpeggios on my lyric lyre;
But snow, so pure, so fair to see,
Strikes no responsive chord in me!

My heart's a sentimental thing
That simply loves to think of spring,
But snow and slush just rust its string.
It doesn't give a single ping
For snow!

Yet if I sing of spring in winter
Surely I'd confuse the printer!
Thus my cheerful lyre begins
To sing of frost and biting winds . . .

Snow make a palace of a hovel
(While you struggle with the shovel!)
Snow gems the trees and crowns the hills --
And piles up heaps of heating bills!

Snow flutters softly in the air.
Snow hides all scars (I've read somewhere).
Snow is beautiful though clammy --
I am going to Miami!

Snow is something to be pleased at
(Though it's often simply sneezed at!)
I love the snow! I do, forsooth!
Expect a lyre to tell the truth?

Ernestine Cobern Beyer

Originally published on this blog on 1/20/10
With the kind permission of
Barbara Beyer Malley


Anonymous said...

Via an email from Barbara Beyer Malley(:


Recently my mom's "A Desperate Ode to Snow," framed and matted, appeared in a Linden Ponds art show on the subject of winter. It has garnered several appreciative comments, making me very happy and proud of Ernestine. I've never stopped missing her talented sweet self.


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