Friday, February 24, 2006

About those blog


Someone mentioned them
yesterday- and although I
won't say who- yes, sir, you
were nominated. Most of
the people that I nominated
didn't make it...

&, correct me if I'm wrong,
even though we could only
nominate one person per
category, we could vote more
than once if we wanted to?

That is how I understood it
to be, although I voted only
once per category-
& as this is my blog, for any-
one that is interested, this is
my opinion of that...

I don't like competions.
I am not a competitive person.
Most of the people that I know
do their best whenever they
attempt to do anything. The
blogs listed to the right are
all different, & all exceptional.
& you really don't need me to
tell you that. So just so you
know, you won't be getting
my 'vote of excellence' once
a year anymore...

because you've
already got it!



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