Tuesday, May 08, 2007

~ A note of thanks ~

When as a kid of just past ten -
Or almost twelve - Yes, that was when!
I came across a poem so dear
It left me smiling ear to ear.
A tree - the cause of why I grinned,
That laughed amidst the summer wind:)

As decades passed, and years flew by-
"A blog!" I thought I'd give a try;
Hmmm - what to show for all to see?
I'll post my favorite happy tree!

The little one that's not a crier,
Penned by Ernestine Cobern Beyer.

"Hi!" a lady typed one day,
"That's my mom!" she wrote to say.
So it was a rhyme of whimsy
That inspired this verse - (so flimsy!)
To Barbara, Kathie, Margo, Tim-
It's for you all I'm thanking



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