Monday, April 30, 2007

How would one define:

Moral cowardice?


A moral coward



Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That's an excellent question!

I recently saw a program on the History Channel on the Salem witch trials. Those who confessed to some form of connection or communication with "Satan" and named other witches were spared; those who did not were uniformly convicted and hanged. Moral cowardice I see as those who named others in order to save their own lives and those who, even though they knew better, allowed people to be executed without standing up to the insanity of the court and mob.

rhapsody said...

Thank you, Nick -

& I am in complete agreement with your assessment of that particular time in history...

It's a prime example of how heinous moral cowardice can be.

LeClerc said...

Moral Cowardice can be defined as:

One not doing what one must do.

Anyone can do what they want to do.

"Must" does not come from one's own personal desires, "Must" is a transcendental command.

Disobey such commands at your own peril.

rhapsody said...

Thank you too, Leclerc...

Agreed - & no one has ever said that doing what is right, would be easy.

Interesting, yes - (sans the stress!)

But easy, no.


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