Saturday, December 01, 2007

Received my beautiful book

by Sister Wendy Beckett,

In the Midst of Chaos, Peace

from Ignatius Press -

featuring the work of two of my
favorites, paper-cutting silhouette
artists, Sister Mary Jean Dorcy &
Dan Paulos, whose work is featured
on this blog courtesy of
Trinity Stores.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

After reading the book’s description, it does seem that it is a wonder-filled book. Enjoy!

rhapsody said...

Thank you, Nick:)

It is indeed - there's much of the work of the artists I love that I've never seen before!

& FYI, for anyone new passing by...

Dan Paulos work, The Babysitters, is featured at the top of this blog. He & Trinity Stores kindly gave me permission to post his work, which is quite extensive. Dan Paulos already was a scissor-cutting artist when he started receiving instruction from Sr. Mary Jean Dorcy, who further instructed him on the exquisite silhouettes they both have done...

& the book is indeed a wonder!


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