Monday, November 26, 2007

New to my library

The Adoremus Hymnal,


No Place for God,
by Moyra Doorly -

Which was recommended
to me by
Joseph Pearce,
biographer & editor
of the
Saint Austin Review -
(at the recent
I was fortunate
enough to attend).

Am finding the book on
church architecture inter-
esting. I haven't finished
it yet, but will say that while
I understand that recent
church architecture (unfor-
tunately) reflects the recent
age, we have to acknowledge
that, whether we like the
design or not, He's still there.

Imo, like everything else made
by man throughout history, only
some are exceptional to behold.
This is my opinion. Beauty, practi-
cality & content aren't always
found altogether. If today's
churches do not seem reverent,
well - the content is still there.
The function is the same, even
if it's not awe-inspiring to behold.

As a child, I vaguely remember

altar railings - but mostly attended
Holy Mass in the gymnasium/
cafeteria of the local Catholic
school after the beautiful
church building was sold.

Grew tired of the guitar-strumming
minstrels with their sweet but simple

Would read all the readings for
the day before Mass even started,
then sit staring at the incredible
Crucifix on the wall next to me,
where I'd always sit in the back.

And as mundane as it all seemed,
you could tell that He was there.
& the reverence, though expressed
somewhat differently, was still
there, too.

Couldn't resist the book of
music - got the choir edition
which is helpful as I'm an alto
& need it for the parts.

Both from
Ignatius Press.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You need to get one of the library thingies like I just put on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Will check it ASAP, Nick -

& many thanks!



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