Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Question from an email

from Barbara Beyer Malley:

"These comments make me

very, very happy. I have been
feeling sad because for some
reason, my new activity book,
Read Me a Rhyme, Please, has
not done well since publication
a year ago. It may be because
it is much longer than the first
two and therefore much more
expensive. But the publisher
kept saying, "The longer the
better." I would appreciate
feedback. I know the poems
are wonderful. Could it be
that the illustrations are off-
putting because some are too
much like cartoons? Thank you
dear people for lifting my spirits.

Jeeves, Jr."

Well, in my opinion $19.95 is not
an outrageous price for an activity
book of this quality - an excellent
teaching tool that can be used over
& over again for instruction, & for
the introduction of both reader &
listener to the ever-enchanting
verse of Ernestine Cobern Beyer.

Barbara has, for quite a while now,
allowed me to publish her mother's
work on this blog. For the month
of October, 'spooky' poems will once
again be featured.

For anyone interested, search this
blog for the poetry of Ernestine
Cobern Beyer - & please comment
if you find yourself enchanted by

the work of this woman, who sang
with Enrico Caruso before giving up
singing to raise her family, provided
additional income by her published
verse, & received an award from
the National League of American
Penwomen in the early seventies,
before she passed away...

& are as confused as I am as to why

she has remained a virtually unknown
American treasure.

I thank you again for taking the time
to be delighted by her delightful work,
which will continue to be posted here,
so long as I'm a-bloggin'!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I all of her writing is like Luke the Duke, I am sold on her. Superb!

rhapsody said...

Thank you for your comments, Nick -

& I'll pass the word on to Barbara, too!


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