Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From St. John Vianney...

“Look at this other one, who seems to
want to give his whole life for God, whose
ardor all the torments there are cannot
damp. A tiny bit of scandalmongering …

a word of calumny … even a slightly cold
reception or a small injustice done to him …

a kindness returned by ingratitude …
immediately gives birth in him to feelings
of hatred, of revenge, of dislike, to the point,
often, of his never wishing to see his neighbor
again or at least of treating him coldly with
an air which shows very plainly what is
going on in his heart. And how many times
is this his waking thought, just as it was the
thought that almost prevented him from
sleeping? Alas, my dear brethren, we are
poor stuff, and we should count very little
upon our good resolutions!” -

Thanks to Terry from

Eric, over at
The Daily Eudemon, wrote a
very interesting article on St. John Vianney
as well.



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