Saturday, May 30, 2009

Interesting question posed

from my Chesterton Yahoo group:

Why haven't Catholic pro-choice
politicians, like Joe Biden, been
excommunicated? The questioner
includes the fact that the Church has
historically been reluctant to take such

Understanding that the Church is not a
democracy, my opinion is that they cer-
tainly should do so. Having not been
originally married in the Catholic Church,
I was unable to receive Communion for
many years. So, I went to Mass & sang
in the choir, but did not receive. Thank-
fully, that problem was resolved. The
Eucharist is not to be taken lightly, & God
is not just some far-away entity that is to
be appeased on Sundays & forgotten about
the rest of the week. His Words are to be
given great deliberation, & applied to our
lives, which definitely includes what we
stand for, & how we vote.



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