Monday, September 26, 2011

Cartoonist John Ewing

is a gentleman I recently learned about
through friend & author Barbara Beyer
Malley, as she has been looking for an
illustrator for the next published work of
her mother's poetry. I haven't , however,
been successful at copying & pasting (or
posting), the drawings Barbara has sent,
as I wanted to attempt & post at least a
page from a copy of his book:

The Cessna, The Sky....and the Cartoonist.

From Barbara:

"I discovered John Ewing... while looking
for an artist to illustrate my next series.
Noticing in his bio that he had a passion
for flying, I contacted him and sent him a
couple of my flying articles. He mailed me
a copy of his self-published book,
The Cessna, The Sky....and the Cartoonist.
The drawings and the text are both hilarious...

...In a section called "In Gratitude," John
ends with this: 'Being a Christian introduces
another element in my gratitude, too, for I
am aware that it is God who, as so often in
my past, provided the opportunities and
wherewithal to pursue this wonderful sport.
He was with me in it all the way. I am grateful
to Him.' "

Barbara also writes that John lives with his
wife Jenny in New Zealand, and worked for years
for Walt Disney as an animator. So as soon as I
can figure out how to do it, & with Mr. Ewing's
permission, I will happily post a copy of his work

& my many thanks to Barbara for sharing the info!

Originally posted 7/30/09.


John said...

I am the John Ewing you heard about through Barbara Malley. I was trying to transfer my websites over to a new computer when I chanced across your site. I would be most happy to be in touch with you; I'm sure we have enough in common to enjoy corresponding. As far as my booklet goes, feel free to use it in whatever way you might get enjoyment from. From my point of view the more exposure it gets the better. Whether or not a publisher becomes interested is another question, of course, but we live in hope...
Hope to hear from you sometime...

rhapsody said...

I'm delighted that you stopped by & took the time to comment, John - Barbara was happy to have found out about you & your work, & I was happy that she thought to share it with me. Unfortunately, I don't know how to transfer attachments from one place to the other. Should I figure it out, however, I'll be happy to post the work you've done, & I thank you for permission to do so!

God bless,


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