Sunday, February 20, 2011

billie joe in green day's american idiot

Last week.


Anonymous said...

You surprised me this morning- I would not have taken you for a Green Day fan! :)

rhapsody said...

Hi Thomas -

Youngest went with a friend. They met him by chance & youngest took a pic of him and the friend, but he was in a hurry as it was right before the show...

Right after that they won front row seats, so they gave away the ones they bought. Youngest must have had a lucky seat, cause at the end of the show he stopped and while everyone was smiling at him, he was smiling at her=)

Omigoodness, the kids love concerts. Oldest went with a friend and saw Ringo Starr a few months ago - Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, The Ready Set and Nevershoutnever are a few more of their faves. And like my mom who enjoyed some of my music, I enjoy some of theirs. =)


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