Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Information regarding Eric Whitacre's

next project, Virtual Choir 3, should be released soon...

Reposted from 4/8/11


Anonymous said...

Wow- you find some of the coolest things!

I reposted it to my blog with a credit back to here. :D

rhapsody said...

I'm glad you like it, Thomas =)

Pastor Perry said...

THANKS FOR SHARING. PLEASE VISIT ME AT http://perrythepastor.blogspot.com/

Barbara said...

Your new appearance is just beautiful!
I'm paying a visit today so I can describe to kathie how easy it is to make a comment on your blog. I now have over 6,000 visitors with only one comment 6 months ago. Maybe I'd be opening a Pandora's box if people could easily leave comments!

rhapsody said...

Barbara -

Thank you so much for commenting! Omigoodness, your blog is so amazing =)

I agree that sometimes commenting can be difficult. There are many blogs I have difficulty commenting on due to the settings - I simply cannot comment...

And thank you - I'm glad you like the new look!


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