Monday, February 13, 2012

Amazing Feat!

***** EXTRA! EXTRA! *****

Read all about how author (&
dear friend=) Barbara "Bird
Woman" Beyer Malley celebrated
her 90th birthday this year!

From The Boston Globe:

Soaring into the sky at 90

Reposted from 9/26/11.


Anonymous said...

She's a treasure- how lucky you are to know her! (I bookmarked her blog.)

rhapsody said...

She's a sweetie - and you know her as I know her, Thomas - through her mom as well as her own - wonderful works!

Thanks for commenting - for some reason the post posted, then it wouldn't post so I made another one, then somehow it posted again and I didn't even realize it so I almost missed that you commented because I didn't realize there were two posts...

Hmm...sounds like the makings of a wonderful poem.

A Ghost of a Post...LOL!

rhapsody said...


I'll pass along your message to Barbara, too. =)

Barbara said...

Hi Thomas Bryner,
I just saw your comment and thank you most gratefully for it. Mother did compose poems about Halloween, and in one of them were the words spoken by a ghost, "I hadn't a ghost of a chance."
Watch for it in October, right Rhapsody?

rhapsody said...


And I'll be posting more between now and then too, Barbara =)

As always, I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity in allowing me to post your mother's wonderful works for all these years! (Just remember - for the most part I keep them all "stored" in March of 2007)...

Hmm. Have to see what's up next after "The Leprechaun" soon. Those springtime poems, I'd think <3

Barbara said...

You are such a special friend! I've just paid a visit and was amazed at how easily your link to my blog brought me right to its front door. Thank you for your faithful support for both my mother Ernestine and for me.
Ever grateful,


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