Friday, December 02, 2005

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Victory for the Nativity Display;
Management Company Backs


After being threatened with fines
from their management company
if they did not remove a nativity
scene from their front lawn, the
Samona family of Novi, Michigan,
has been informed that the demand
to remove the nativity has been with-

The management company first
informed the Samona family that if
they did not remove the display, they
could be fined up to $100 a week until
the display was removed. Since moving
into their new home three years ago,the
Samona family has displayed a nativity
scene on their front lawn during each
Christmas season. This year, however,
the management company of their sub-
division sent them a letter demanding
that they remove the nativity scene.

In defiance, the Samona family contacted
the Thomas More Law Center, a national
public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor,
Michigan, which agreed to represent the
family at no charge. The Law Center con-
tacted the management company yester-
day on the family’s behalf.

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