Monday, December 19, 2005

Saw these the other day


AMEN! ! !


M.S.L.T. said...

I believe in choice myself...but I'm in the healthcare field and see the other end of the tunnel..
i always think the mother is the most important thing..ALWAYS..
because i believe the soul can come back again. i believe our lives are brief moments in time, and that our souls are timeless...that we choose to come back or not.'
personally...i'm done like dinner..and i want to rest for a milennium or two

rhapsody said...

I didn't know that you believed in reincarnation... is that what you are referring to?


Well, I will say that I do disagree with you- you already know that...

Just wondering-
Did you & hubby & lil one ever find a church that you liked?

Was wondering if you attend services anywhere...?


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