Tuesday, February 28, 2006


subject in this article by Carl Olson
from the blog of the Ignatius Press...

& what I would like
to know is...

If all these 'historical
facts' are true, how
can anyone claim to
'own' them?

Does anyone 'own' the

facts of any facet of

It seems a bit far-
to me!

Unless, of course, you are
more concerned with the
ways of the world, than
with the Truth. Unfortun-
ately, it looks as if that's
the case in this case.

Father have mercy on the
souls of these people

Who have distorted Your

Concerning Your Life-

For profit and celebrity.

May Your Spirit


& touch their souls.

Thank You, Lord Jesus,


Monday, February 27, 2006

(a rose)

Now- THIS is what you call


Read, Does anyone care
about poetry?

(An amazing 'response-

*Complete with footnotes...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Question...


Carl Olson,

& an Answer...


Dr. Thursday.

A hat-trick...

scored by Eric Scheske-

1) The importance of (no,
not 'Brews You Can Use':)
Natural Grace...

&. . .

2) The meaning of

Christians' fast-before-
the-feast as
Something for
a Sunday Morning...

both from

The Daily Eudemon.

+ (!!!)

3) A link to a copy of
Heretics from
Chesterton and Friends.

(Does Sam Rosen know
about this?)

Friday, February 24, 2006

A coupla good links...

Won't tell you to
but will tell you from

Courtesy of Joe from
Chesterton 3 (link 1:)
and Friends 3 (link 2:)

About those blog


Someone mentioned them
yesterday- and although I
won't say who- yes, sir, you
were nominated. Most of
the people that I nominated
didn't make it...

&, correct me if I'm wrong,
even though we could only
nominate one person per
category, we could vote more
than once if we wanted to?

That is how I understood it
to be, although I voted only
once per category-
& as this is my blog, for any-
one that is interested, this is
my opinion of that...

I don't like competions.
I am not a competitive person.
Most of the people that I know
do their best whenever they
attempt to do anything. The
blogs listed to the right are
all different, & all exceptional.
& you really don't need me to
tell you that. So just so you
know, you won't be getting
my 'vote of excellence' once
a year anymore...

because you've
already got it!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Be watching

for upcoming changes
The Blog of the
American Chesterton Society...

Can't wait, Mrs. Brown!

(but will:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The conclusion

of his correspondence
to Pope JPII...

from an apparent
Doctor (Thursday)
of the Church...

The Gift of the Papacy
GKC's Favourite.


This kid deserves
a medal, too.

A must-know-but-

The Daily Eudemon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Took a class

for defensive driving
last week- the instructor
had us stymied with this

What comes
out in the spring that
causes more car accidents
than anything else?

Answer: Signs for yard sales.

I was thinking of that as I
stopped at a pre-season

yard sale to search for
hidden treasures...

This looked interesting.
Will let you know...

Monday, February 20, 2006

I admit it...

For the first time in years,
I'm looking forward to the
spring season!

Don't know if it's because
I'm sick of wearing socks,
want to go fly a kite,

or what!

So, although I can't explain

I can't wait for spring!

Presidents Day


Bless all of our leaders, &
Keep them wise in
Your ways,

Thank You, Dear Lord!


A wonderful work!

is this portrait of Lincoln,
done by the artist Ylli for
a family member who is
a great admirer of our
sixteenth president.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Mr. Paden...

I'll remember for
next time!


Neat pix posted

by Furor over @

Chesterton and Friends,

from G. K. C's The

Coloured Lands.

& from The Dawn Patrol,

a favorable review of a flick

with the flavor of Chesterton's

The Ball and the Cross, & the

style of Citizen Kane.

Friday, February 17, 2006


A giggle from

Dawn Eden:)

& a 'nice try'


Dr. Thursday


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Prayers for

our VP & his friend who
was injured in the quail
hunting accident.

Please Lord,

That the one man
recover completely,

& that both men get
themselves a safer


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Another work

by artist
Kathy Lawrence-
Treasured in Her Heart

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Know My Sheep

by Kathy Lawrence

To My Valentine

Who, completely unaware
that I 'liked him'- liked him,
turned me down when I first
asked him out, because it
was laundry day...

& is still, after twenty-five
years, the only man who
comes to mind whenever
I see this pic...

To quote one of my all-
time favorite characters,

"I do thank God every day,
for the miracle of me
darlin' Angel!"

(Thank you so much
for being mine,

! ! !

Sunday, February 12, 2006

ABC: An Amazing Bridge

of Communication!

One that spans from
The Curt Jester

GKC's Favourites

Pope John Paul II!!!

Comprised not only of
our tried & true form of
communication, the ABC's,
but the recent scientific

miracle of communication...

*The B&B's!!!

*(bits & bytes:)

Going to be going

back in time...

To Oct/Nov. & Dec.
2005, to be exact.

No, not via H. G. Wells
time machine-

but courtesy of those
two issues of
Gilbert Magazine,
which arrived this

From what I understand,
this magazine is always a
bit off schedule- (which
really doesn't bother me
as I usually am, too... LOL!)

So after a bit of catch-up on
my reading, it'll be back-to-
the-present and over to
The Blog of the
American Chesterton Society

to see who liked which articles.

I'm already likin' the
view that *Dale Ahlquist
had with musician Larry
Norman, who was the man
that first recommended the
writings of G. K. Chesterton
to Mr. Ahlquist years ago.

*Dale Ahlquist is the

president of
The American Chesterton Society,
& host of EWTN's
G. K. Chesterton:
The Apostle of Common Sense,

which is on Sunday at
9:00pm Eastern Time, and
Saturday at 2:30pm ET...
& is where I first learned
about Mr. G.K.C:)

Saturday, February 11, 2006


I guess that would
automatically rule
out Romeo and Juliet &
West Side Story.)


Friday, February 10, 2006



& thank you much!

to the individuals
who helped me to

obtain a back issue of
The Saint Austin Review
for a coworker, who
also thanks you...

(& promptly returned

my copy to me:)

Thursday, February 09, 2006


The Lamb of God Who takes
away the sins of the world!

Have mercy on us!

Read a couple

of interesting
articles posted by
Carl Olson over at
Insight Scoop.

One Man's Musings:

Is there any pop/rock
music worth listening

(I do enjoy this kind of
music- but confess I
do not always under-
stand the lyrics!)

& on a different


Another good article
about the men who each
thought that their indivi-
dual views of Christianity
& different interpretations
of the Bible were correct-

(although they didn't
agree amongst them-

Read it

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Daily Eudemon's

Eric Scheske posted
an 'enlightening' article
on Mary Magdalene &
her supposed status in
Christ's life.

(& hoping your wife
gets better quick, Mr.

Surprised... no


Due to an article
posted by THS
over @
The Coalition
of the Swilling...

on the tacky behavior
of certain politicos in
attendance at the
funeral of dear Coretta
Scott King.

From the party that
just doesn't seem to
know any better...

& is unfortunately
not getting any
wiser with age!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

10,000+ blessings:)!!!

Dear Father,

Bless those who have
been here, & those to

May they be touched
by Your Spirit,

Remembering to give
thanks & praise to You
& Your Son, Jesus Christ,
for all You have done.

May we all heed the
Set by your angels &
Who have done Your

Thank You!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Caught them at


(even though I didn't
watch the game)...

Congratulations, Pittsburgh!

Pastel by Ylli, &
available on ebay.

These pieces are based
on the silhouette art of
Sister Mary Jean Dorcy,
& are available at the
Leaflet Missal Company,
which is linked here & to
the right.

(scroll down to see more
of her work, & also that of
her student, Dan Paulos.)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fr. Leo Clifford

this morning-
(on EWTN from
7:20-7:30am &
Eastern time)

Saying how we
lead our busy lives,
& right up the road
in our midst is the
Blessed Sacrament-
our Lord in His Most
Humble Form.

(Kept sometimes even
under lock & key)...

Until the day He is re-
vealed in the fullness
of His Glory.

You'd think we'd be
flocking to see Him.

! ! !

Amen, Fr. Leo!

Friday, February 03, 2006

A Quote

this a.m. from
Fr. Leo Clifford,

who I thought
had quoted
Oscar Wilde...

until I looked it up &
found out that it was
George Bernard Shaw
who said,
"There are two
tragedies in life. One
is not to get your
heart's desire. The
other is to get it."

Which led me to a
neat quotations site-

& I remember a priest
telling me, when refer-
ring to people who have
gone before us, that it
is correct to say that they
'are' rather than they

So after reading some
of their more memor-
able quotes, it seems
accurate to say that
George Bernard Shaw
& Oscar Wilde are very
funny guys...

(weren't they?)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Many thanks

to Jodie from
1 Set of Footprints

for her invaluable
assistance in obtain-
ing a hard-to-find
book I need for a
project I'm work-
ing on.

(Jodie is my super-
visor, but this project
isn't work related)...

Thanks again, boss-

God bless you!



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