Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dear St. Francis of Assisi

Bridge Building Images. (link)

There are more images
here (link)...

All by our friend Terry

Abbey-Roads:) (link)


Terry Nelson said...

Thanks Rhapsody.
I painted this image and a companion one of St. Clare for the church of St. Francis in St. Croix Beach, MN - St. Francis is holding the original church, with the donor's dog at his feet. In the image of St. Clare, the donor's grand-cats (her grand-child's cats) are depicted. The icons are a memorial for her late husband.

rhapsody said...

It's amazing work, Terry- & going to make beautiful Christmas gifts- including your explanation above...

Did you mention on your blog that you started painting as a child?

Terry Nelson said...

I think I did!

Terry Nelson said...

By the wy - the landscape is meant to represent the St. Croix river and Taylor's Falls.

rhapsody said...

I'll add that bit of info too-

thanks Terry!


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