Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Better late than

not at all...

On the (fascinating subject of):

the Magi...


The Daily Eudemon.


Michelle said...

Hello hello :)

rhapsody said...


Happy New Year to you! & good to see you have time to stop bye:)

Lotsa hugs!!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Interesting summary of the information/legends/myths regarding the Magi. What I consider so attention-grabbing today is that the Magi supposedly came from Persia, modern day Iran.

rhapsody said...

Hi Nick,

I don't know much about the Magi at all. Read a book years ago about St. Luke called 'Dear and Glorious Physician' by Taylor Caldwell. His teacher, Keptah(if I remember correctly) was a 'wise man' of his day.

A very interesting story! TC claimed to have studied the life of St. Luke from a young age (hers, not his). & my mom's read it many times at different times of her life - when she's had multiple copies, one would most likely receive one as a gift:)


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